Wiley Drake Loves John Moorlach

Pastor Wiley Drake threw his support behind John Moorlach for cutting Planned Parenthood funding.  Oh, and Wiley says Barack is an illegal immigrant and can’t be President.  

Has anyone checked Wiley’s birth certificate to make sure he is here legally?  

Let the Supervisors know they are elected by YOU, not ordained in their  position by God and Wiley.  Tell the Supes to restore funding to Planned Parenthood or face the consequences from YOU!

I will say this again – the way we get out of this silliness is to have good, solid candidates run for the Board of Supervisors.  People who will win and do the right things for the residents of the county, not put their interests above the interests of the people.  This Board of Supervisors is quickly becoming a waste of taxpayer money!


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  1. Rose Corey
    March 19, 2009 at 3:31 am

    Okay an easy way they could’ve gone about this:
    People should understand that if they want their children to learn about abstinence and want their children to practice abstinence then you are able to teach them and convince them yourself; as parents it is your duty. It is also your duty to educate them on safe sex and if you do not agree with this then let other children of other parents who don’t ever mention the practice of sex because they are embarrassed or for whatever reason; let them be educated about safe sex, abstinence, and pregnancy with planned parenthood; planned parenthood has been doing so for years; educating the past, present, and soon, hopefully, our future generations. I for one want a healthy community and one that is realistic about these issues. We do not live in a utopia abstinent world or county for that matter, so please to don’t live in oblivion and educate the people especially the young! It is the individual’s responsibility to take in affect of what they have learned and choose for themselves if they want to engage in intercourse (we can not stand by the young and watch every single move they make). All we can do is hope they choose to be abstinent or hope that they use protection if they were to ever have sex.

    Worried resident of Irvine
    (pro-planned parenthood)

  2. April 26, 2009 at 5:20 pm

    Anything Drake is involved with gets tainted with his insanity. WE should all pity him.

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