Chuck Gets the Bronze

I’ve been in meetings all day, so this is the first chance I get to gloat over this report in the SacBee (which I’m sorry to say is planning layoffs today or Monday).

Twittering Chuck DeVore has tweeted us to a third place finish among Republicans — two of which haven’t even announced yet.

BOXER ON TOP: Voters aren’t particularly inclined to reelect U.S. Sen. Barbara Boxer, with 42 percent in favor and 43 percent opposed, according to the Field Poll.

But California’s junior senator does much better when lined up against her potential challengers.

Boxer: 54 percent
Schwarzenegger: 30 percent


Boxer: 55 percent
Former HP CEO Carly Fiorina: 25 percent

In the hypothetical GOP primary, Schwarzenegger finishes first, but by a small margin:

Schwarzenegger: 31 percent
Fiorina: 24 percent
Assemblyman Chuck Devore: 9 percent
Undecided: 36 percent

Without the governor, Fiorina leads DeVore 31 percent to 19 percent — but with half the electorate undecided.

Despite Boxer’s alleged negatives, she would crush Arnold who would barely get Republican support and we all remember how effective Carly was as a shill for the McCain camapign.  And both of those candidates are crusing past Chuck.

So for all that talk about how the Republican Party has to be more conservative anbd move further to the right to win is a lot of hooey.  I sure hope Chuck has that consulting gig lined up with the Nuclear Power industry that starts paying off in December 2010.

Let’s hope he uses a real pair of basketball shoes for the big game in Sacramento this time around (no block socks please).