Say Hello to Sunny D!

For all of us who have sorely missed the presence of Claudio Gallegos in the OC blogosphere… He’s back!

After a one year sabattical from the blogosphere, I am happy to announce my return and the premiere of a new blog, SUNNY D!

After much thought and reflection, I decided to strike it out on my own and start fresh with a brand new blog in this well developed political blogosphere in Orange County. I look forward to adding a fresh new viewpoint to the OC blogosphere.

Like before, I will focus on progressive issues facing Orange County, California, and the nation and will take the conservative ideologues to task when they screw up (which is often). In the next few weeks I will be adding new people to my blog team from all ends of the political spectrum and through all walks of life in Orange County to focus on the myriad of issues facing those of us who live behind the Orange Curtain.

The website is! Have fun reading, feel free to comment, but keep it clean, tasteful and non libelous. Let the Games Begin!

I’m so excited to see Claudio return to the net, and I’m thrilled to see more and better OC blogs emerge. Who would have thought even two years ago that we’d have three great progressive blogs in us, OC Progressive, and Sunny D? I simply can’t hold back my big, goofy smile. 😉

  2 comments for “Say Hello to Sunny D!

  1. junior
    March 2, 2009 at 6:59 am

    Welcome back to the blogosphere Claudio and good luck!

  2. March 2, 2009 at 2:28 pm

    Good lukc Claudio; with Sunny D’s emphasis on covering all aspects of the political spectrum, your blog will be like OJ only with more credability.

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