The Obama Family Picks a Puppy

And the winning breed is a Portugese Water Dog, known for their good temperment and for being hypoallegenic.

The dog pictured is what the breed looks like and is not the puppy the Obama’s will pick up in April.

From the story:

Mrs. Obama said she took some advice from Massachusetts Sen. Ted Kennedy, who owns two Portuguese water dogs and had lobbied the first family to choose the breed. But overall, she said found the level of excitement about the family’s dog “surprising.”

There’s a great debate among the Obama daughters about what to name the dog.  I vopte for “Hannity.” So when the dog poops on the White House carpet, Obama can rub his/her nose in it and say “No Hannity, Bad Dog! No Treat for you.”  Rush is a good name too; all bark and no bite.  If the dog howls too much, no one will complain about Obama yelling “Rush, shuddap! Rush, quiet down!”  If it’s a female dog, I say “Coulter” works pretty well too (write your own joke).

Or what about “Linguica,” that tasty Portugese saugage that can remind Obama about how laws are made.