OC Grand Jury Backs Hutchens on CCW’s

homersimpsongunBut I’m sure that won’t deter Supervisors Chris Norby and Janet Nguyen, or any of the other wild west advocates out there from continuing to pitch a fit over the policy.

The Orange County Register’s Norberto Santana has a scoop on the the Grand Jury report that backs her up on the issue.

The Orange County grand jury has a message for county supervisors, gun rights advocates and everyone else who disagrees with Sheriff Sandra Hutchens’ plan to reduce concealed weapons permits: “Let the sheriff do her job.”

That’s the title of the grand jury report to be released today, according to a confidential copy obtained by The Orange County Register.

Hutchens has spent months arguing with local lawmakers and gun advocates over her plan to make it tougher to get gun permits.

Critics have said that Hutchens, a former Los Angeles Police Department administrator, is mistakenly bringing an LA-standard to a staunchly Republican county. Hutchens argues she is just enforcing state law and refuses to use the permit issue to advance policy beliefs on gun rights.

“An orderly society is the goal. Public safety is the paramount consideration,” concludes the grand jury report. “The fact that public clamor has reached the ears of politicians is irrelevant.”

Ouch! Read the rest HERE.

  2 comments for “OC Grand Jury Backs Hutchens on CCW’s

  1. RHackett
    February 24, 2009 at 9:12 am

    What’s the over/under on the time lag before right wing moonbats accuse the OC Grand Jury of being packed with liberals?

  2. jose s.
    February 24, 2009 at 10:46 am

    good for her! the last thing hutchens needs to do is listen to norby and the wicked witch of little saigon when it comes to gun permits. people dont realize she has to clean up after a corrupt sheriff. as a gun owner myself i dont like the thought of so many people walking around with concealed weapons.

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