A Parking Solution for Tom Mauk

lakemaukI was touched Monday morning when I read about Tom Mauk’s concern for the preservation of the paint job on his 2005 Escalade. It’s heart warming to learn that he actually cares about something.

So I got to thinking, maybe there is a way that OCEA could help bridge the gap of understanding between Mauk and county workers displaced because of his need to take up two spaces in the Hall of Admin parking garage. You see, OCEA has this vacant lot located at about 840 N. Ross St. OCEA members and staff affectionately call it “Lake OCEA” during the rainy season. But since the water never gets more than a few inches deep, it shouldn’t pose a problem for a big SUV like Mauk’s.

mauksuvNext time I see OCEA General Manager Nick Berardino, I’ll “float” the idea. I think he’ll be receptive. Now since there is no such thing as free parking in downtown Santa Ana, I suspect that Nick will have his price. I’m guessing $765 would probably cover things nicely. If I recall, that’s about how much Mauk gets as a car allowance perk. I wouldn’t be surprised if OCEA sweetened the deal by naming the spot “Lake Mauk.”

While I can be pretty sure that Mauk won’t have to worry about someone parking close enough to scratch his paint, I would suggest he get a good set of mud flaps.