Deal Or No Deal? You Make The Call!

I was starting to feel relieved last night when Calitics reported that Sen. Dave Cox was about to agree to the budget. Ah, finally! But wait… The Republican Senate leader, Dave Cogdill, was then kicked out and replaced by even farther far-right Dennis Hollingsworth. Oops.

And even though Cogdill said he had three votes lined up for the budget, not even he voted for the budget last night. Oops, again. I swear, California is quickly becoming a banana republic. How long before Arnold is overthrown and rioting begins in the streets? Oh, what a soap opera the state capitol has become!

OK, all kidding aside, this is a serious mess we’re in. If we keep going without a budget, California goes bankrupt. And if California goes bankrupt, the entire nation could very well go down with our fair state.

So if you can, please call these two Republicans who can make or break our state:

Senator Abel Maldanado (R-Monterey County, 916-651-4015) 
Senator Dave Cox (R-Fair Oaks, 916-651-4001)

And while you’re at it, please remind one of our own Senators not to abstain from any more budget votes:

Senator Lou Correa (D-Santa Ana, (916) 651-4034)

This isn’t a game show. This isn’t “reality TV”. It’s reality, period. And without a budget, our state will soon collapse.