Flash Report Angst Means Budget Deal is Close

There are no fewer that three posts on the Flash Report today that indicates State Senator Abel Maldonado R-Santa Maria) has cut a deal in exchange for his vote and that the Big 5’s compromise budget deal that combines spending cuts, tax increases and new debt will pass.  As much as I hate sending traffic to Jon’s site, the angst of Republicans on this issue is a wonder to behold.

This this post, no no detail whatsoever, that Maldonado cut a deal.

Then there’s this post that a website and PAC has been set up to recall Senator Maldonado (why is the Republican answer to everything a recall?)

And there’s this post, where Republicans ask, “where’s Maldo?”

And while there’s a lot of attention on State Senator Lou Correa’s vote for the deal, he did manage to send more money back to OC and its not like the Republicans won’t be running a hard and fast campaign to oust Correa next time around.