Yes, Virginia. There Is Such A Thing as a Good Republican

(h/t Think Progress)

By now we’ve all seen the footage of Henrietta Hughes asking President Obama for help.


Well, today there’s an update. Chene Thompson, wife of Florida State Representative Nick Thompson, a Republican, stepped up and did something wonderful. She has invited Ms. Hughes and her son to stay in Mrs. Thompson’s former residence. “Basically, I offered Ms. Hughes and her son the opportunity to stay in my home rent free, for as long as they need to,” said Thompson. “I’m not a millionaire, I’m not rich, but this is what I can do for someone if they need it.”

Being in the vanguard of those who bash Republicans when they deserve it is a wonderful place to be. With that, though, comes the responsibility to point out, at least sometimes, those occasions when one of them does something good. A home run’s a home run, no matter who hits it. Mrs. Thompson hit one out of the park — a stand-up grand slam. Congratulations, indeed.