Berardino & Moorlach on the Layoffs

Below is a message that OCEA’s General Manager Nick Berardino sent out on Tuesday afternoon.

On Friday I had the opportunity to debate Supervisor Moorlach. If you click on the video below you can see the debate. It only lasts 10 minutes but I encourage you to watch. I think it is very important that you see for yourself what the Board as represented by Moorlach really believes.

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Also here is the link to Tuesday’s Board meeting where the Supervisors voted to keep a contract with an outside provider (MAXIMUS) that may risk more County layoffs. The item begins at the 1:23:50 time mark of the video. I know you receive emails from the CEO where he talks about his concern for County workers. I think you will find his actions very different from what he says. But I will let you arrive at your own conclusions when the link is available in the next several days.

In Solidarity,

Nick Berardino

The Liberal OC thanks Inside OC for allowing us to use their video.