Headlines from my Four Daily Newspapers

Wall Street Journal: Obama Warns of “Lost Decade” (subhead: President says Federal Government Is The Only Remaining Option to Jolt Economy)

New York Times: Obama Makes Case as Stimulus Bill Clears Hurdle (subhead: He says that failing to act could lead to a catastrophe)

Los Angeles Times: A sharper tone, a call to action (subhead: In a primetime news conference, Obama rejects Republican attempts to whittle down his stimulus plan)

The Orange County Register, under the heading “The economic crisis”: Scolding the opposition (subhead: Stimulus bill debate should wrap up now, Obama says)


So much for Liberal Media Bias….

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  1. duane
    February 10, 2009 at 9:24 pm

    The Wall Street Journal – Market Pans Bank Rescue Plan -By DEBORAH SOLOMON

    WASHINGTON — Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner promised forceful action to get credit flowing again in the economy, but the lack of detail in his much-anticipated speech helped drive stocks down nearly 5%, the worst selloff since President Barack Obama assumed office.

    What do you have against gmail?

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