Monday’s Read: Republicanism Explained

I received a link to this blog and laughed myself silly this morning reading the post “Republicanism Explained.”  The First Draft blog has some salty language, so I’m happy to send you to their site for you to read it yourself. 

Some select excerpts below:

“So it comes down to this:  Republicanism is an ideology by and for bullies.  But not the kind of bullies who have the guts to get in actual fights, even if the deck is stacked in their favor.  No.  They hire people to do their fighting for them.  Even in their grand and glorious overseas crusades, the ones where they denounce everyone who opposes them as cowards and appeasers, these *********** stay on the sidelines.  How many prominent Republicans ran out and enlisted after 9/11?  How about before the Iraq war?  Which major Republican pundits were cops?  Not a goddamn one.  Why?  All talk, no action. 

“That tax cut $^&#  is bullying, too.  Because they don’t really care about cutting your taxes.  No.  They want to cut rich people’s taxes.  It’s like they read the story of Robin Hood and thought he was robbing the wrong people.  And, since somebody eventually has to pay the bill for all the costs the government incurs when it’s out invading sovereign countries that have never threatened us, who do you think gets left with the tab?  That’s right.  The people who can least afford it.”

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  1. RHackett
    February 9, 2009 at 12:55 pm

    One of the OC Weekly described the core philosophy of the GOP perfectly.

    “Comfort the comfortable, afflict the afflicted.”

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