Cheerleading for Republicans

While Steven Greenhut and I have had a number of discussions about how the OC Register’s editorial positions often do reflect those held by liberals and Democrats, it’s pretty hard to argue against the notion that the Register’s editorial pages are closer to a Republican Party house organ than an independent newspaper. 

The Register will never have to worry about charges of having a liberal media bias.  The evidence?

This Sunday’s paper.

We have Greenhut’s Libertarian view of a new pet restriction requirement in San Clemente, an editorial against DEA raids on on medical marijuana patients and providers, and that’s about it for anything resembling a non-conservative column.  Columns by Mark Steyn, George Will, John Stossell, Henry Miller and Walter Willams dominate the section.  The entire “Letters to the Editor” section is a giant screed against Obama.  And the Register’s own lead editorial: “How the GOP can beat the blues,” which contains this little unattributed nugget not found in the reality-based community:

“As people get older and become business owners and taxpayers, they tend to be less enamored of Democratic desires to regulate and tax.”

Hmm.  I’m older.  I’m a business owner.  A taxpayer.  And I am enamored with Democratic desires to fund education and healthcare, while regulating things like handguns and tobacco.  How about an editorial about how Democrats can finally turn the county blue? That would be asking too much.

Even though Orange County came within three points of turning blue last November, solid red seems to be the only color the Register can see.

What’s worse is the Register still seems to believe that younger voters will buy into this notion of smaller government as they make decisions in the voting booth.  Well, then these voters would have to embrace Democratic policies enacted under the Clinton-Gore administration because no Republican administration in the past 30 years has shrunk government.  Even during their glory days of the Reagan administration, Ronald Reagan cut taxes and increased spending leading to huge budget deficits.  Under George W. Bush, the Register seems to have forgotten the tax rebates we all got just after he came to office and the stimulus checks that came in last summer.  And cutting taxes while spending nearly a half trillion on a mistaken and misguided war didn’t do the economy much good.

These younger voters will more likely place their vote based on issues like healthcare, education, the environment, global warming, gay marriage, and a woman’s right to choose than low taxes and smaller government.  Frankly, its not how big or small government is, but rather, whether or not it works well and serves it citizens well.

While Republicans have become the borrow and spend party, the Register seems pleased that the GOP is finding their voice as a solid opposition minority party to President Obama.  Its a party that represents the interests of Rush Limbaugh over their constituents.  My wish is for the Republicans to remain a permanent minority party status. And less than a week after former Maryland Lt. Gov. Michael Steele became RNC chair, he has a major scandal to deal with from his failed 2006 senate race. 

Yep, we need leaders like this.

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  1. RHackett
    February 9, 2009 at 12:58 pm


    Sadly if it were only the OC Register. Check out this link at Crooks and Liars.

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