Why wouldn’t KNBC let Super Bowl watchers Get to Know Us?

Here’s an important message from our friends at GetToKnowUsFirst.org. Believe it or not, these and other ads were not shown during the Super Bowl yesterday. Why? “They were advocacy ads.”


Uh huh… And the ads for “clean coal” and for “oil and natural gas” weren’t? Give me a break! Get a hold of KNBC today and ask them why they refuse to show these ads of these loving families. 

KNBC rejects our ad and claims the National Football League (NFL) excluded PSA as “advocacy,” yet other advocacy ads air.

GetToKnowUsFirst.org learned today during the Super Bowl broadcast that the NFL aired “advocacy” ads, despite rejecting our ad.

Late Friday afternoon, KNBC told our ad agency that the NFL Legal Department had viewed our ad and rejected it, explaining they planned to show no “advocacy” ads during their entire day of programming, from Road to the Superbowl at 9:00 am through the end of the game.

It became clear to us while watching the broadcast, that a number of such ads were playing in rotation.

Things you can do:
1. Read our media release.
2. Forward this to others who would be interested.
3. Post this story on related blogs, news websites, Facebook.
4. Contact KNBC to express your feelings:
Craig Robinson, General Manager
3000 W Alameda Ave # 2201
Burbank, CA 91523
(818) 840-4444

You can also view all five PSAs, as well as Behind the Scenes videos THE SHOOT and THE PRESS CONFERENCE:

Thanks for your support!

-John Ireland
Project Organizer

P.S.–Pass this along to friends and family who you think would be interested in following our campaign! That’s how viral marketing works, so you will be amplifying our success with the click of a button. 🙂

So please, please make that click, send that email, make that call, and help these families tell their stories. Thanks.

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  1. February 2, 2009 at 11:57 pm

    Who is creating these ads? In my opinion, they're not very effective. I'm glad they didn't run. I think they would have caused more harm than they would have been able to convince anyone to support marriage equality.

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