Colbert calls out Republicans on the Stimulus

Stephen Colbert of the Colbert Report had a great comment about the Republicans “no” vote on the stimulus.

“Last night—last night’s party line vote was a great start for the 111th Congress. But these hard times demand an even larger meaningless gesture. That is why I am calling on every Republican who voted against this bill to put no money where your mouth is. Refuse to accept a single penny of the eight hundred billion dollars for your Congressional district.

Think of it—think of it—think of it like a hunger strike. Then—then just sit back and watch in glee as the Democrats face the wrath of their constituents suffering as the eight hundred billion dollars tears through their districts like a force five cash-o-cane.

It won’t be easy but you are fighting for a principle. If we can’t have a perfect bill to stimulate the economy you’d rather have no economy at all. And that’s the Word.”