The Controllernator Says No.

The LA Times reports today that California Controller has sided with unions in suit challenging Arnold Schwarzenegger.  Accordingto the report State Controller John Chiang refuses to implement the governor’s order forcing state workers to take days off without pay. A spokesman for Schwarzenegger says the move is ‘politically calculated.’

Michael Rothfeld and Patrick McGreevy Reporting from Sacramento — State Controller John Chiang has refused to execute an order by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger to force state workers to take two days off without pay each month, siding with two unions that filed a lawsuit challenging the move.

In a statement, Chiang said Schwarzenegger should emulate past governors who have obtained concessions from state employee unions during tough times rather than impose them.

“Rather than using an unlawful executive fiat, they did so in accordance with the law by negotiating at the bargaining table and through the legislative process,” Chiang said. “I urge the governor and organized labor to follow that path to help the state through this fiscal crisis. I am confident that state employees, like all Californians, will find ways to tighten their belts.”

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  1. Keep da Peace
    January 22, 2009 at 9:32 pm

    Too bad our Orange County Treasurer won't do the same thing. But then, he has a lot more to worry about like, going to jail, being indicted, etc.

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