WDYT: 42nd CD Planning Thread

I’m sorry I’ve been so late in continuing our series on winning OC’s Congressional Districts! But now that I finally have some time on my hands to delve into this, it’s time for me to get back in the game. So today, let’s talk about the 42nd Congressional District.

Fortunately, we’ve made some progress in this district. Unfortunately, the 42nd is still quite heavily Republican. John McCain won the district by a 53-45 margin last November, and Republican incumbent Gary Miller defeated Democrat Ed Chau for the Congressional seat by a wider 60-40 margin.

Obviously, we have our work cut out for us here. But really, where do we start? The 42nd was drawn to be difficult terrain, as the district stretches from Rowland Heights in LA County to Chino Hills in San Bernardino County, and once it reaches Orange County the district meanders from La Habra to Anaheim Hills to RSM to Mission Viejo! How can a Democratic campaign reach all these people in all these different areas?

And what can we do to make voters understand that Gary Miller’s corruption is a serious problem for the district? Or are the voters here too strongly Republican to care? What issues are important here? And what issues turn people off?

Please feel free to discuss with us what we can do to win in the 42nd District. Oh yes, and please stay tuned for more! I promise we’ll get to the 44th District later this week, with discussion threads on the 46th, 47th, & 48th Districts also coming soon. 🙂