Sunday at Saddleback UPDATE

Last night, I found out that Soulforce has cancelled its action at Saddleback Church on January 18. I apologize to everyone here in the LOC community for posting what turned out to be wrong information. Hopefully, I caught this in time to make sure no one goes to Irvine at 8:30 AM expecting to see the Soulforce crew.

However, you’re all not off the hook. There was originally a protest outside the front entrance to Saddleback Church planned for 10:00 AM on January 18, and organizers are asking that people who wanted to do the Soulforce action sign up for the 10:00 AM protest instead. We’ll all sleep in a little, then go directly to Saddleback instead of stopping first in Irvine.

So if you want to send Rick Warren a message 2 days before Obama’s Inauguration, and if you’d like a chance to communicate with the people of Saddleback, please sign up for our protest at 10:00 AM on the 18th. Thanks.