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Colbert calls out Republicans on the Stimulus

Stephen Colbert of the Colbert Report had a great comment about the Republicans “no” vote on the stimulus. “Last night—last night’s party line vote was a great start for the 111th Congress. But these hard times demand an even larger meaningless gesture. That is why I am calling on every Republican who voted against this…

Steele Wins RNC Chairmanship!

In a stunning move by the GOP’s national leadership, Micheal Steele has been elected to lead the RNC. Perhaps they feel electing Steele will be the only way to counter President Obama’s momentum? After several rounds of voting Steele recieved 91 out of 168 with only 86 votes needed to win the Chairmanship. Although Steele…

Fact Checking the Stimulus from GOP Spin, an excellent site that bends over backwards to factcheck Republican talking points, has this list of GOP falsehoods and outright zombie lies about the recently passed Stimulus bill. Read the whole bill here. I listened to Rush Limbaugh spout on this for about 40 minutes this morning; he’s also blaming all the jobs lost…

Super Bowl ads

UPDATE: Watch the 2009 Ads HERE, and vote for the best. [youtube][/youtube] Sometimes, the commercials are better than the game itself.  This ad, for Holiday Inn, ran only once.  Its my alltime favorite Super Bowl ad.  Chime in with yours.

Who Needs Real Money When We Can Have “ArnoldBucks”?

This would be so hilarious if it weren’t so real… And for all of you Republicans reading, I dare you to download your own “ArnoldBucks” and try to use them. I wonder what you’ll be able to buy. So why must the state be subjected to this bulls**t?

Bye Bye Blago

The Illinois Senate has voted to remove Gov. Blagojevich from office.  Details are here.

A Permanent Democratic Majority

A few years ago, Hugh Hewitt wrote a book, “Painting the Map Red: The Fight to Create a Permanent Republican Majority” featuring an elephant with a paintbrush turning the lower 48 states into a solid red map.  Its for sale in the remainders rack at Barnes and Noble for about five bucks. So the folks over…