Gitmo Detainees Might Find a New Home in Germany

Gitmo detainees that have been cleared of all charges (believe it or not there’s 50 of them) now might have two options on where they will be released. Germany is considering joining Portugal in providing political asylum for detainees that cannot return to their homes for fear of political retribution.

Last week the pentagon also announced that it was drafting plans for the closure of Gitmo in preparation for President Elect Obama assuming the Presidency

The most interesting thing about the closing of Gitmo is what Barack Obama is going to do about the remaining Gitmo prisoners who were opposing our forces in the middle east, as well as confirmed  terrorist. Will Pres. Elect Obama continue GWB’s double speak and war violations by continuing to  label those prisoners enemy combatants? Or will he abide by the Geneva Convention of 1929 and 1949, of which the US is legally obligated to abide by, and label these so called “enemy combatants” as P.O.W.’s?

Here’s a quick vid on what the ramifications of being labeled a enemy combatant are for Gitmo prisoners.

Yay, Waterboarding!


*I don’t like the images that are shown on this video, butI think the summery of waterboarding being acceptable because it was being applied to enemy combatants and not priseners of war was quite insightful and surpassed the anti-American sentiment being displayed via those images, which I do not subscribe to.