BREAKING: US Commerce Department Rejects Toll Road to Trestles

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Foothill South toll road dealt major blow by U.S. Commerce Department

The controversial Foothill South toll road, proposed to connect south Orange County with north San Diego County, was handed a major blow this morning when the U.S. Commerce Department announced it would uphold the state Coastal Commission’s rejection of the plan.

Today’s decision is another and perhaps fatal – setback for the
proposed 16-mile turnpike, which had been blasted by environmentalists for cutting through a popular beachfront state park and lauded by transportation planners as vital to easing the region’s gridlock.

I honestly don’t know what TCA can do to take this any further. There seems to be a strong consensus emerging that the Toll Road to Trestles does nothing to alleviate traffic congestion while causing a world of harm to the ecosystem of one of the state’s most popular state parks. Now with both the Coastal Commission and Bush’s Commerce Department rejecting TCA’s plan to build a road through San Onofre State Beach, “Foothill South” may finally be dead.

And oh my, it’s about time!

  2 comments for “BREAKING: US Commerce Department Rejects Toll Road to Trestles

  1. Republican Dementia
    December 18, 2008 at 11:55 am

    Say goodbye to the financial stability of the San Joaquin (73) toll road. They will now have no chance of merging with the Foothill East or refinancing, and they will have to repay the 90 million that they were given as advanced compensation for the traffic they would lose when the 241 South was built.

    The good news is after a few years of struggling, they will default on their bonds and OCTA can buy this for pennies on the dollar, finally turning it into a free road and alleviating traffic on the 405 and 5.

  2. December 18, 2008 at 1:39 pm

    Republican Dementia-

    Interesting. It would be nice if we the taxpayers no longer have to subsidize a semi-privatized toll road. If all our tax dollars are paying for the 73, then all of us should be able to freely use it.

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