The Disconnect of “Royalty”

Moorlach XVIThe Orange County Register’s Norberto Santana followed up last night to his story about the extravagance and waste of the Board of Supervisors while they cut hundreds of jobs during the holidays.

The focus of Board Chair Moorlach’s rationale for why the Board needs to spend $326,000 to address a fire code violation is quite telling of the disconnect that exists between the Emperor Chicken Little Moorlach, a.k.a. Moorlach XVI, and his peasants.

 Santana reports:

OC Employee’s Association GM Nick Berardino on Monday called on supervisors to immediately halt the remodel and address the issue on an emergency basis during Tuesday’s weekly supervisors’ meeting. That request was denied. 

The barriers on the fifth floor – which were reinforced following the terrorist attacks of 9/11 – create an outer lobby that insulates each county supervisor from direct public access. The outer lobby is in addition to individual secretaries and reception areas in supervisor’s district office.

Moorlach echoed the arguments of county staff for the lobby improvements, saying it’s important to have heightened security in a post 9-11 world. Moorlach received death threats earlier this year.

“Since I’ve had my life threatened, there are a lot of people who are concerned about the safety of people on the fifth floor,” he said. “There is not a metal detector at the first floor.” 

Moorlach's Moat (OC Register Photo)From what I can see, there is a desk station that people have to check-in at when they arrive on the fifth floor. Maybe it’s just me, but from the pictures posted on the Register article, the barriers aren’t much more than a desk. This desk apparently provides, Moorlach and his thousands of dollars of museum art work on display in his offices for “public view,” an additional moat of security between him and the peasants.

But what is really nagging at me is the fact that not only does Moorlach act like Louis XVI, I think he actually believes he is Louis XVI. If you cannot face the people, you have no business thinking you can lead the people.

Read the rest of Norberto’s post here.

  2 comments for “The Disconnect of “Royalty”

  1. Steve Kim
    December 16, 2008 at 3:51 pm

    Its funny to me how this County elects “fiscal conservatives” that can’t seem to stop spending and spending on themselves, their lost causes, giving themselves and upper management raises, and hire their own unqualified cronies to administrative positions who then mismanage their departments.

    Did the BoS get a refund on Morlach’s buddy Chriss Street’s office remodel? Did they put his stuff up on Ebay?

    These ilk get elected saying that government is wasteful and broken then take control and cpntinue to waste and break things further.

  2. steve kim
    December 17, 2008 at 7:57 am

    County Employees, actually all County residents, need to protest.

    Also, can these fools be recalled?

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