Boxer isn’t taking anything for granted

I attended a fundraiser for Senator Barbara Boxer Saturday night in Los Angeles.  She gave a short speech to those in attendance and took some questions.  I’m struck by what she told the crowd her stated positions were and how these positions have been misrepresented in postings on Red County and Blog DeVore.

Let’s take the auto bailout issue that failed in the Senate.  Boxer detailed the hundreds of millions of dollars in development funds, tax breaks and other incentives state governments in Alabama, Texas and Tennesee gave to foreign automakers to build plants there.  All three are pretty red when it comes to politics.  Boxer indicated (this isn’t an exact quote) that the federal government, by providing assistance to Detroit, would be able to extert influence on the types of cars built, fuel efficiency/anti-pollution standards, and new fuel technologies — all thing Detroit has been somewhat reluctant to do in spite of a growing market for new hybrid technology.

State Rep. Chuck DeVore, the only Republican in the race so far, has stated that Boxer is out of touch with mainstream Californians.  I have to say, I think its the other way around.

Boxer voted against the Iraq War.  Chuck supported it.

Chuck has implied that Boxer is too old; but he supported both Fred Thompson and John McCain for president — candidates that required a nap to make it through the day.  Boxer is energetic; downright feisty.  She’s eager for the start of the new term of Congress and eager to run for re-election.

Chuck supports the Republican line for “drill baby drill” and nuclear power; Boxer supports a full gamet of energy proposals that include increasing domestic production, and a host of alternative, renewal, and hybride energy sources, including nuclear where feasible.  In addition, (and I heard this with my own ears), she’s not in favor of increasing gas taxes.  I was left with the impression that she’s not in favor of raising taxes on the middle class in any way as she explained in detail how much buying power middle class America lost under Republican rule.

Chuck said he would compare his record against hers any day?  Boxer’s record is amazing detailed and very much in touch with mainstream Californians.  What’s Chuck going to run on? Defending the closure of tax loopholes for luxury yacht owners?  Hemp? 

Lastly, while the even was held in Hollywood and there were, by my count, eight celebrities at the party, the questions asked were exactly the sort of questions anyone interested in the direction of our country would ask.  There was no sense of a “Hollywood elite” that was out of touch with mainstream America.  They were very much in-touch with the issues of the day and asked great questions and followed up with detailed follow up questions. 

Boxer did ask the room if anyone knew who Chuck DeVore was?  Two people spoke up; and I was one of them and replied Chuck was a neighbor of mine, which got a small laugh.  No one knew Chuck was in the Assembly.  Most of the people there had never heard of him. 

And there’s the rub.

Barbara Boxer is a 4′ 11″ grandmother about to go against a 6′ 2″ former Military man; in each election, Boxer has won by greater margins than the previous race.  I just wonder how much she’ll bloody him up. 



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  1. December 15, 2008 at 2:58 pm

    I agree completely that DeVore will never match Babs’s accomplishments. Chuck has no prayer of making the list of ten dumbest members of Congress.

    QED: Asking a roomful of supporters who Chuck is, thereby guaranteeing that they all know who Chuck is.

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