How to Keep Obama (& Congress) Honest

I’ve been talking about this at C4O Democrats this week, and now I want to hear from all of you on where we need to start to “keep Obama honest”. Oh yes, and the same goes for Congress as well. We elected them because we want change we can believe in, so now’s the time to begin asking them to hold fast to the promises they made us.

So where should we start? How about doing something to actually fix our economic problems? How about enacting the Employee Free Choice Act to give workers a chance to negotiate for better wages & benefits? How about investing in the clean energy infrastructure that will create new jobs? How about removing the health care cost burdens that hold down working families & hurt American businesses?

Where should we start on civil rights? Reproductive freedom by enacting the Freedom of Choice Act? Pay equity at work with the Lilly Leadbetter Act? Work discrimination with ENDA? LGBT equality with repealing DOMA?

Where should we start to solve our climate & energy crises? Better fuel efficiency standards? Real investment in renewable energy? More encouragment for energy conservation?

I’d like to hear your ideas on what the Obama Administration and the Democratic Congress should begin doing as soon as they take office next month. What should be their priorities? And what promises should we make sure they keep?

Please speak up here, then contact your elected officials and “keep them honest”. 😉

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  1. just...asking?
    December 12, 2008 at 10:39 am

    How about you let the man become president first! Wait for Obama and his team to lay out plans before we pile on. After the last eight years, he will figureitvely and litteraly be carrying the wieght of the world on his shoulders.

    I think he needs our help not our burdens. I think we have to stand up and do more than demand change, we have to “carry the water” if this administration is going to be successful in repairing our nation.

    The promise we need to hold everyone to, is that we will all work hard together to improve our lives for ourselves. I’m confident that Obama will work tirelessly to get us moving in the right directions, but then it is up to us!

  2. Paul
    December 12, 2008 at 12:59 pm

    You know I love you. But I have to agree with Just Asking. I say this because in a lot of dem circles, blogs, columns, emails etc; I have heard alot of disenchantment from people about the prommises that Obama hasmade not coming to fruition just yet. The man has not even taken the oath of office yet lol. And typical of short attention span Dems, I hear people talking about disapointment that he hasnt fulfilled all his promises yet. I say giove him at least two years in office to make significant impacts on a lot of the issues facing our country. Its going to take that long in the least to get the wheeels rolling on any plans he has simply due to the processes that are required to put planning into action.

    I sincerley dont think it is feasible for any president to have the type of impact that is going to be needed to steer this country in the right direction in their first term. The challenges that Obama and a Democratic Congress face today are going to take IMHO the first term of Obamas admin to actually have an effect that people will be able to actually feel in their wallets, in their homes, environemental cleanup etc. Its gonna take time. have patience and give Obama some time.

    again, you know I love ya babe. Hope you are well.

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