The Anaheim City Council Race, from a Very Biased Source

Harry Sidhu 31859
Lorri Galloway 30,330
Gail Eastman 26,410
John Karcynski 11,226
Kostas Rod-itus 9,833
Jennifer Rivera 7,628
Robert Flores 6,727
Steve Perez 5,123
Brian Chuchua 4,752
Faiz Zuberi 1,251

The incumbents get re-elected, Gail Eastman falls thousands short of unseating Galloway, John Karcynski wastes a fortune, and I… well I don’t know about me.

The following is my analysis of the Anaheim City Race, and it’s participants.

Lorri Galloway, Democrat, was the biggest spender in this campaign. Her controlled committees used well over $100,000 in this election cycle. Newspaper Ad’s, A city-wide mailer, and door to door canvassing, campaign sign distribution and financial support was provided by the Anaheim Firefighter’s Local 2899. I’m under the impression that they didnt endorse me because of my age. Councilwomen Galloway is generally a well received Democrat who seems to draw the ire of Anaheim’s politically active conservatives. I wish her luck in the next four years of leading Anaheim.

Harry Sidhu, Republican, spent the next largest amount, $80,000+. He seems to be an Anaheim Hills favorite. He immigrated to the US legally in the 70’s, however his apparent love for immigration does not extend to undocumented peoples, as he adamantly opposes immigrant rights for that demographic. As such, you know the OC republican party, they love them their haters, so he’s something of a sweetheart to them, him being a turncoat an’ all. Apart from all that, Harry was polite and friendly in person, and I wish him luck(but not too much) in the next 4 years as well.

Gail Eastman, Independant “right leaning”, became very popular in Central Anaheim. By my estimates, she came closest to me in yardsign distribution( I had over 400, she had close to 300). I was very surprised to find that she did not support prop 8 seeing as how she paid to have her name on some of those political slate mailers which supported Prop 8( I can scan them and send them to whomever wishes to see proof of this) , and I as most people I know considered her right leaning. I don’t know why she didn’t get support from the OC Republicans, but I suspect it has something to do with Sidhu, and their central committee not wanting to dilute their republican base vote (a good idea for dems!). Gail (and her daughter in law, CJ, which shadowed her frequently) were always very kind and polite to me, which I appreciated.

John Karcynski, OC Log Cabin Republican Pres., gave me my biggest (and possibly only) victory in this campaign. You see, John spent over $70,000 on this campaign, a significant portion from his own pocket, but he only got 5,000 votes more than me. He didn’t perform very well in this election, I suspect because he didn’t disclose that he was the leader of the OC log cabin republicans and as such received significant prop 8 backlash. John was also very polite in our encounters, but I was disappointed when he told me that he wasn’t teaching his fundraising cooking classes himself (lol, I suck at cooking and was hoping to get a free lesson in). The night John put out his campaign signs for the first time, I was making my rounds and checking on my own when I noticed him and his family sticking some up on a fence next to the gas station I was filling up in. It’s there that I saw his very beautiful family (his husband and 2 kids I think are his kids) helping him out, it was a very cute sight. It was difficult for me to restrain myself and not say hello and introduce myself (I didn’t think it was a good idea to do so at a gas station at 1 am.

Kostas Roditus, ehh whatever is convenient, is the worst kind of Democrat. He changed his party registration from republican 2 years ago in an effort to try to secure the OC Democrats endorsement. I was utterly disgusted with the decision from that board. He and his parents are suing Anaheim over a compensation dispute. He owns a cab business, which off course doesn’t have unionized employees. He routinely called west and central Anaheim a “slum” in our candidate forums, until I called him out on it on our last forum, where he finally admitted (after stumbling around an answer) that he personally believes Anaheim is infested with gangs, drugs, and prostitutes. I will personally work toward him never getting elected to a public office for as long as he lives.

Jennifer Rivera, Republican, was a fake, proxy candidate whose only purpose was to steal Hispanic votes away from me. She also didn’t report her campaign expenditures, which easily surpassed $1000 (her campaign signs were everywhere). She would routinely rip my signs down and replace them with her own. 200+ of my corrugated campaign signs were stolen or ripped by this hack, and then replaced them with her own. Finally, when I worried I didn’t have enough signs to keep my name out there; I wrote to her and demanded she stopped. I would also work tirelessly in any election she participates in.

Robert Flores, Democrat, is a real estate agent who used running for office as a vehicle for expanding his business. Disgusting.

Steve Perez, me,Democrat, 20. Thank you if you were one of the 5,123 people who voted for me. Next time, I promise.

Brian Chuchua, Republican, tells me every time he sees me that Harry Sidhu and Lorri Galloway are criminals. He bought the 4th house built in Anaheim Hills, when it was made! Needless to say he’s very, very old so I doubt he’ll run again. He also told me that his last name is Russian not Hispanic. If you notice the lack of policy or positions here, that’s because he had none.

Faiz Zuberi, decline to state, another real estate agent…

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  1. Jose
    November 18, 2008 at 10:41 pm

    Very revealing.

    I enjoyed it.

  2. Jennifer
    November 19, 2008 at 12:34 am

    It was very interesting to read about a political race from a candidate’s point of view. I must say Steve your writings are more entertaining then anyone else’s, I’ve read to date. What do you know about this Jennifer Riveria character? That seems a pretty shady thing to do, to have a proxy candidate just to take votes away from you. I think the whole thing is a huge scandal and I for one demand a recount.

  3. Jose
    November 19, 2008 at 7:09 am

    And just when I opened my mouth, another thread comment from jennifer. The same as before, prasing Steve and making no sense of anything.

    wher the evidence that this Republican candidate, Jennifer Riveria, was placed on the ballot to siphon votes from you. and to ask for a receount based on your assumption is insane.

    Steve, is your second pen name “Jennifer” In her words, you are the second coming and her suggestion lack reason.

  4. Misha Houser
    November 19, 2008 at 9:04 am

    I applaud your determination to run for office and serve your community. There are a few things that you stated above that deserve comment and clarification…

    1. Candidates have no control over who or what else is on the slates they buy into, UNLESS they pay to have control. That’s why voters need to know that these are mostly “Pay-to-Play” pieces, not official party slates. Whenever you see an asterisk next to the name, THEY PAID.

    The Yes on H8 folks bought up as many slates as they could, and the publishers of these pieces happily took their money without any thought of what it meant. Candidates were not informed and had no recourse after the fact.

    2. Sign stealing happens in every campaign. It’s easy to blame it on specific individuals, but unless you have eye witnesses, you can’t know for sure. I’ve seen kids walking down the street with candidate signs they’ve stolen as they come home from school. It just happens. I think it’s better to take the high road and budget for pilferage and vandalism so you can replace those that go missing.

    3. Gus Roditis is a really nice guy who also wants to serve his community. It doesn’t do you any good to slam your opponents. In the long run, you may one day find yourself needing their support AND it makes you look petty when you point fingers at others, blaming them for your failures.

    4. How many doors did you walk and knock? That’s the true measure of why you did or didn’t get the votes. When you don’t have the money to compete, you must hit the streets…

    Good luck in the future. If you truly want to serve your community, don’t give up! Take stock of what you did right and what you could have done better. Ignore the competition. The only thing you have control over is yourself.

  5. November 19, 2008 at 5:35 pm

    Galloway needs more than your wishes for good luck in the next four years. Unfortunately taste and refinement cannot be wished to anyone, so she will continue to drag down the City with choices like miniskirts and go-go boots for a City Council meeting. At least it is a step up from a public appearance in a man’s t-shirt. Who wants to pull her aside and remind her she is pushing 50?

    All of the candidates find themselves on slate mailers they had no idea they were on. Gail had a whole stack of them that she did not know she was on, someone else bought the spots for her. It happens all the time and the candidates have no control over it. Come to think of it, you could really mess with a candidate that way and put them on a slate mailer like “pedophiles for progress”.

    Other than putting up signs, Jennifer Rivera ran NO campaign. She did not file a candidate’s statement (which immediately eliminates someone from my consideration) did not show up for any candidate’s forums (I think Steve showed up to all of them) what Jennifer did do to get the votes she got was to be first on the ballot. She was the poster child for ignorant voting patterns. Yes, there are pathetic people out there who do not bother to get any info, they just mark the first person they see on the ballot, or the first woman, or the first black man, with no consideration for their qualifications. We call them liberals.

  6. Steve Perez
    November 19, 2008 at 6:39 pm

    I don’t really like to comment on my own blogs, I would much rather just sit back and appreciate all the comments that come in on their merits. But it appears that I have stricken a cord with a good amount of people regarding my thoughts of Jennifer Rivera, so I suppose I’ll help clear the dust a little bit.

    Jose, thanks for following my blogging, you don’t hold any punches back, which is something I respect. Jennifer is not another pen-name of mine, I was asked to stop using stevesrebelclone, and I had no problem using my own name, so now I do. Perhaps Jennifer Is one of the 5,123 people who voted for me?

    Misha, ill address your points in the same order you addressed them
    1. As a responsible person I strive to keep my affiliations with anyone and anything under my control. Candidates pay to be on slate mailers. They PAY to be on them. That should speak for itself
    2. Yea, believe me, I know signs get pillaged. I’m looking at a mountain of tagged signs right now *I plan on mounting the prettier tagged signs and making some sort of art piece outta them* I have photos of my signs in their locations, and I also have photos of Jennifer Rivera’s signs in the exact same spot the next day. Perhaps that’s not good enough for some, but as a participant in this race, and as the target of her actions, I feel obligated to provide an analysis of this race. I didn’t have the cash for everything I would have wanted, so as a result I compensated by taking care of my signs on a daily basis(often obsessively which is why I feel comfortable writing about them like i do). I have no regrets putting up my theories and accusations as a candidate in that race. Besides, did you read the title of this blog, and the part where I said that I wrote to her, and she stopped? Self incrimination, I say.
    3. I didn’t post a video that I have on my youtube, of what a nice guy Konstas is. I’m an honest and blunt person, and I took offense to Gus calling my home a slum, and saying that’s its “infested with hookers, drugs kingpins, and gangs”. Democrats, even fake ones are not above criticism, lol didnt you read my Obama post? Also, the 1st amendment…
    4. over 5000, and I got over 5000 votes so I guess it matches right?
    Also Misha, thank you for your criticism and kind words =)

    Colony Rabble,
    Come on, independent committee? Sure it might have been paid by them, but Gail still had control of them. I didn’t push this point because it’s something every candidate does to try to distance campaign activity that must be done, from the campaign itself. In Gail’s case, she used this technique on the slate mailers (according to you), and on campaign signs that she promised she wouldn’t post throughout the city (according to me) because of her “visual blight stances”. I like Gail very much, she’s a very sweet lady who likes her city enough to write a children’s book about it. But I happen to know she did have very thorough knowledge of this “independent committee’s activity”
    You see, her campaign moved some of my signs on the Lemon and La Palma intersection to place hers. I wrote to her, and let her know that this had taken place. I expected a apology, but instead Gail told me that she contacted the owner of the fence and had permission to place her signs there. So they “moved” mine. That’s all fine and dandy, the problem is, the signs she put up, weren’t her regular signs, but that of the “independent” committee supporting her. So as it would seem to any rational person, Gail got permission for and put up signs for this independent committee? Please.
    Regardless let me emphasize that I not attacking her, I like her very much. I’m simply defending the credibility of my blog. Thanks for your comment as well.

    lol, hopefully this response clarified any questions on my blog. But come one now. Did any of you read the title? “The Anaheim City Council Race, from a Very Biased Source”! I thought the fact that I called the blog biased would allow me to speak openly about this race, but apparently not. Even so, none of this is half-hearted, and I support everything said here as my own beliefs.
    – Steve Perez

  7. The Lovable Curmudgeon
    November 19, 2008 at 6:56 pm

    Oh no, Steve. Now you’ve done it.
    You brought Galloway-obsessed Colony Rabble here to the Liberal OC where first thing she does is bash liberals.
    How, CR, is an uninformed voter to know if a candidate is African American merely by reading his or her name? Is Colin Powell a black name? Bill Cosby? How about Condeleeza Rice? Spike Lee? Skip Gates?
    Does this explain how John McCain barely got 50.5% of the vote here in OC?
    You’re pathetic.

  8. November 19, 2008 at 7:30 pm


    Are you telling me that nobody voted for Obama just because he is black? Last I checked, that was not the Republicans doing that….and my family voted for Ron Paul.

  9. Misha Houser
    November 19, 2008 at 9:45 pm

    I’m glad you’re willing and able to have dialogue with people who have opposing views. It’s a positive sign.

    Going back to the slates, part of getting votes is to be sure your name is in front of voters as often as possible. It’s marketing 101. Just because it’s smelly doesn’t mean that you should ignore them…and paying to be on a slate is a hell of a lot cheaper than spending the money to do separate mailers. When you don’t have the dough, it’s perhaps the easiest way to be sure that the voters remember your name when they go into the polling place, or mail it in.

    You, as the candidate pick and choose the slates that are aligned with you…or you can think like a marketing person and put yourself on slates that will appeal to the diversity of your city. The problem this year, more than most years is that we had Prop H8 to contend with. Those folks were smart and paid for every slate that would take their money, whether it made sense or not.

    So we had slates targeting Democrats, slates targeting the union vote, etc., which were paid for by H8’ers. We should be pissed that the slates took their money, but they are after all, businesses.

    I’m still waiting to hear about how well you did walking and knocking…

  10. Steve Perez
    November 19, 2008 at 10:59 pm

    Misha, I know it’s probably not your intention to seem condescending, but I should tell you that I AM a marketing person. I do it for a living, and I’d venture to say I’m rather good at it. Also I answered your question above “4. over 5000, and I got over 5000 votes so I guess it matches right?”

  11. OCNative
    November 20, 2008 at 1:50 am

    Steve, firstly, you didn’t even get a ballot designation (which is free). It’s the most basic way to tell voters who you are. Those little words on the ballot beneath your name tell people what you do, and for you to hide that makes people suspicious. If you can’t tell them a basic fact about you, how are they supposed to entrust you with their government?

    Secondly, I didn’t see a single piece of mail from you or a single person who knocked on my door (and I do live in Anaheim).

    Thirdly, you need to understand political marketing is a different animal from regular marketing (that is the kind of marketing Misha was referring to).

    Fourthly, you’ve got a big chip on your shoulder. An experienced politico like Misha is trying to give you advice, and you’re telling her that she’s condescending.

    Fifthly, I don’t about you, but I don’t think the average voter decides an election solely on the basis of signs, particularly signs placed in random places. Signs are most effective in front of homes.

    Sixthly, I would note that adding Jennifer Rivera’s votes to your votes does not even get you guys into third place.

    Seventhly, it doesn’t make any sense for either the Republican or Democratic Parties to endorse an independent. Parties should only endorse their own members. This is why Gail Eastman did not get a party endorsement – nothing more, nothing less.

    Eighthly, in your ballot statement, you pledged to “create economic buffers, that will serve to protect Anaheim’s economy from the negative effects of globalization.” Polling data shows most Republicans AND most Democrats are free traders. Also, cities cannot erect economic buffers because those violate the interstate commerce of the US Constitution.

    Ninthly, your math is wrong. Karczynski got 6,000 more votes or 219% of your vote.

    Tenthly, you had 400 signs in a city of 300,000 people? And many of these of signs were bunched together?

  12. Misha Houser
    November 20, 2008 at 8:39 am

    You’re right on…and thanks, for the compliment.

    I’m not trying to be condescending in any way. I was trying to make the point that you can’t blame your opponents for your not getting votes. If you only knocked on 5000 doors, then how did you think you were going to get enough votes to put you over the top?

    Part of your calculus should include looking at the numbers from previous elections. For example, in 2006, the 2nd place finisher: LUCILLE KRING got 21,783 votes or 24.2% of the total.

    In 2004 (the last presidential election), HARRY SIDHU got 24,242 votes or 18.4% of the total.

    I would have managed your campaign with the goal of receiving 24,243 votes, or one better than the 2004 election. So going to 5000 doors (lets say you have an average of 3 people per household) would at the most get you 15,000 votes, and that’s if ALL the houses you went to AND all the folks in those houses voted for you! It would have been necessary for you to walk and knock a minimum of 25,000 homes based on your calculus.

    The number of doors you knocked does NOT directly correllate to the number of votes you received because you’re not factoring in the folks who were swayed by your signs on Katella and other major streets…plus just dumb luck.

    To win, you need to have volunteers, walk pieces, and you personally have to contact as many voters as possible.

    For instance, I managed Robin Marcario’s race for Garden Grove City Council. And while I could point to this opponent or that one like you did, it still rests on the basics of campaigning. If my candidate has a better message, the number of contacts will prevail in the end.

    She was outspent 10:1 by the top four finishers (besides herself) and because she PERSONALLY knocked and walked about 1/3 of the city, I walked at least 25% myself, and our volunteers covered the 42+%. In short, we personally walked 100% of the city with the exception of a few gated neighborhoods where we couldn’t find a way in, or find a supporter/resident who could walk for her.

    She finished in third (after the thrill of being in 2nd for the first few days after the election) after the late absentees and provisionals were counted. The difference for her race was the endorsement of fire and police inmho. The top two received their endorsement, and in GG, that’s a big deal here.

    Plus, we couldn’t afford to have as many mailers as the other top vote getters. A first timer, the fairly unknown Linh Ho managed to finish in fourth place largely due to the number of mailers, door knockers, and walk pieces she was able to get out in combination with her own walk activities.

    Of course, I’m not going to share all the activities we did that got the votes…why tell her future opponents how to beat her? *grin*. But suffice it to say that walking and knocking is the single most important thing you can do to get elected AND you have to cover enough of the city to make up for voters who don’t show up, are swayed by the next candidate that comes to their door, or just didn’t warm up to you.

    There are lots of things we could have done better, and will the next time…and if we have the money to do more mailings, events, etc., we will get Robin elected. We have to retool and get ready for the next time.

    Campaigning isn’t Rocket Science or Brain Surgery, but there are some strategies that work, and most that don’t. We did some very innovative things, but we never lost sight of the basics.

    I guess in the end, I hear you finger pointing and chalk it up to being a newbie in politics. If you’re that serious about serving your city, than I would suggest getting more involved, find a veteran campaigner you can trust who will actually do the work and not just drain your finances, and take this experience as your education in politics.

    We all know how Loretta Sanchez turned an initial loss into a powerful learning experience. She started in Anaheim once upon a time too…

  13. Steve Perez
    November 20, 2008 at 1:53 pm

    ocnative your attempts to attack my campaign on my own blog are just what I would expect from you, and it’ the same crap you did at redcounty. The campaign ended nov 4th and this is not an advice column, so comment regarding the post or give your advice to those who care, perhaps your pets would enjoy your rants and advice? I’m going to not even read your points 1-7 because i get the jist of them and ill go to your point 8.
    Buffers to global effects are illegal under the commerce clause? So your saying protectionist and fair trade policy’s are illegal? Because that, among other things is what buffers to globalization are. And no one is trying to establish another agreement, or even suggest that, my goals are aiding specific market sectors.
    You should read Borderless Business. It’ll give you a real grasp of the topic. While your at it, you can contact our local Sec. of Commerce, export assistance division, Paul Taambakis, 949-660-1688, he can describe what else buffers to economic policy’s can do, but don’t mention that you think economic buffers are illegal under the constitution because I wouldn’t want you to sound like a right-wing idiot. You can even tell him, Steve Perez said hello, you see I met him at a chamber of commerce event and he offered me a job on the spot because of my trade knowledge, so nice try trying to spew right wing ignorance. Also At the time the numbers were accurate, the vote tallys still increase by a couple of hundred votes daily. For the rest of your questions… if you bothered to read more carefully, you wouldn’t have had to ask. I didnt only have 400 signs, I had over 400 YARDSIGNS. More then any other candidate. Get over yourself.
    Get over yourself as well. I don’t want, didn’t petition and don’t need your advice, but feel free to comment on topics that interest you. But if you want a response from me in the future keep it relevant to the posting. I don’t need you to tell me what I should keep in mind for my campaigns. And you should have enough manners and tact to be able to tell when its wanted or appreciated.

  14. November 20, 2008 at 2:49 pm

    Steve, honey, I’m not sure that’s how to increase your blog hits…..

  15. Misha Houser
    November 20, 2008 at 3:22 pm

    Ooh, snap Steve. LOL. Talk about getting over oneself…if you didn’t want folks to comment on your view about your candidacy and city council race, then you shouldn’t have posted.

    As for relevance, when you’re talking smack about other candidates, blaming them as you spout about why you lost…all the while ignoring the glaring reasons why you didn’t get the votes, well then, you can expect to get comments from others who’ve been working on campaigns.

    Did you think that blogging here was a vehicle for you to get your talking points out there without being challenged? Are we supposed to read your postings and wait to be invited to comment? HAHAHA

    No one was attacking your campaign. Some of us were only pointing out things you might want to consider before you run next time. OCNative’s point about creating economic buffers (correct me OCN, if I’m wrong), is that you were running for city council, not a statewide or federal seat.

    It’s like the city council candidate that repeats over and over how they’re going to do fix the schools when that position has absolutely nothing to do with education. Just as I would advise that person to run for school board if that is their big issue. I would suggest that you figure out what issues are relevant to the office you’re running for and talk to those points.

    Is it possible that your message didn’t resonate with the average Anaheim voter because what they really want to know about is who is going to fix the potholes, keep them safe, keep their water, sewer, and trash bills low, and improve their access to parks, libraries, etc.?

    While I think you’re heading in the right direction in thinking about the local economy, I’m just not hearing a message that will grab the average voter’s attention when they’re considering a city council candidate. Maybe you should run for an office that fits your issue interests.

    If you didn’t back up your activities with literature and didn’t do the basics, then stop blaming your opponents, grow a new set, and learn how the game is played if you want to win. Otherwise, no one is going to take you seriously as anything but a blustery guy spitting into the wind.

    Welcome to the OC political blogosphere.

  16. OCNative
    November 21, 2008 at 1:43 pm

    Misha, you are dead on.

    Steve, on the yard sign issue, I would like to apologize for my misreading. Unlike you, I actually admit my mistakes. I will note the general rule of thumb is six votes per yard sign. 400 signs in people’s yards = 2,400 votes under that rule of thumb. At that rate, a candidate would need 5,000 yard signs to win a campaign based on yard signs alone.

    I suggest you take your own suggestion about reading carefully, as Misha is correct in noting that I was referring to CITY officials creating economic buffers. It is completely constitutional for the FEDERAL government to create economic buffers; it is wholly unconstitutional for CITY government to create economic buffers.

    If you’re going to attack other candidates from the campaign on a blog, you open yourself to comments examining your campaign. If you’re not willing to do that, then don’t blog on that topic.

    You’ve suggested that Misha and I keep our advice to ourselves. Well, I’ll just note this, Misha’s candidate only very, very narrowly lost this year; Misha’s won races in the past though. I ran several races this year, and my candidates won; I’ve lost races in the past though. Misha and I have each won some and lost some. We’re each just trying to give you the benefit of our experience (although Misha was more tactful than I was), but obviously you’re not interested in learning from others, so good luck to you sir. Those who are unwilling to take advice from others – in this case, from both sides of the aisle – have a tough road ahead. Misha has taken advice from others, so have I, and we continue to take advice from others because we know we don’t know everything. (Misha, I hope you don’t mind the assumptions I’ve made.)

  17. November 21, 2008 at 2:14 pm


    I think I won’t get involved in this contretemps; but I find the process of campaigning interesting and so, too many facets of the election process.
    I will at least pay attention to advice for effective campaigning.

    The speculation on Jennifer Rivera, Robert Flores, Faiz Zuberi, were interesting. As a first-time candidate myself ( so far, 43,326 and adding by the day, though second-place, 18.5%—but nothing to be ashamed of, considering the enormity of my personal-trouble-distractions and that I didn’t have enough resources to run the campaign I wanted –it’s a learning experience, and will be a challenge to do better next time! ) I am interested in the reasons some people run for office –other than to win! I observed quite a few other races in which there were candidates who seemed to be there simply for fun or to get attention for their business or as spoilers for others –rather, that turned out to be the result for Karen Haluza, short just a couple hundred from Fullerton City Council, yet a guy who seemed to do no campaigning, Dick Little, got over 4,775 votes, and 8,291 for Scott Carroll, who likewise eschewed the many forums the Fullerton City Council candidates participated in, only posted his views in the Fullerton Observer’s printed slate, and the online slates of KCAL-9 and OC Register. His was skimpy.
    I’d guess that voters who were turned-off by the visciousness of the campaign cast for these guys, just to teach the incumbents a lesson.
    In my won race, Ross Romero had first place on the ballot, and netted a healthy chunk of votes ( over 26,000, as of today ) despite doing nothing visible in campaigning. No profile anywhere, except on his actor’s website — though his profession was stated as Real Estate agent –which I googled and found he works for ReMax. All along, I was expecting to see his campaign signs mixed with those for his business, yet saw nothing –but I could have missed it. Unlike the avalanche of signs plastered by city council people, I saw few for school boards, and none for my opponents ( and I had no money to buy any ). Maybe his were solely lawn signs, and few of them? Or just where I never traveled?

    As it was, in the last days of my campaign, i stood on street corners with my home-made sign, hoping to influence any drivers. My two most enjoyable moments –when one woman called “I’m sorry I didn’t see that this morning, before I voted!” ( she liked my sign! ) and a man who called out ‘I voted for you!” as did my roommates and the registered voters of my landlord’s family.
    There were many such enjoyable moments for me.
    I was so elated that a Cal State Fullerton teacher whom I’d met last spring told me she voted for me. and hearing that I’d netted over 33,000 on election night was a relief –I was worried that I’d be embarrassed by not even getting 1000, considering the paucity of my campaign.

    I admire you, Steve, for having the energy to conduct your campaign as you had, and you shall do better next time, as shall I. ( in whichever race I choose, if not the same one )

  18. November 21, 2008 at 2:20 pm

    In my won race, Ross Romero had first place on the ballot,


    In my OWN race, Ross Romero had first place on the ballot,

    Freudean slip? *sigh*

  19. November 21, 2008 at 2:32 pm

    And the issue of the paid slate cards –it was SO expensive! I could not afford any, yet was offered a place on maybe a dozen different ones, all for about $1,000 or more. Offers from organizations that erect signs, create fliers, phone-bank, etc. –enormous money.
    I asked people what really influenced them to vote for people –the signs? the mailers? the phone calls? Many people hate those.

    It is correct that when people meet a candidate in person they are more likely to vote for him/her. I got many that way –though not enough, as my time for that was curtailed.

    I am now interested in viewing the trickling-in of votes until all ballots are counted. I think I netted a big percent of the early votes and vote-by-mail which could reflect a last-minute push by my opponent-incumbent, via the OC Democratic party-sponsored phone-banks and slate cards.

  20. OCAEP Member
    November 21, 2008 at 3:18 pm

    Can you or Misha list the campaigns that MIsha has worked on in the past that have won?

  21. Revan
    November 21, 2008 at 6:32 pm

    Steve Perez ran an impressive race in Anaheim, funded it himself, impressed a heck of a lot of people in Anaheim and best of all, he knew what he was talking about. His words have weight in Anaheim now and from what I hear Gail Eastman and Lorri Galloway want him on the cities boards.

    Steve, you don’t need take advice or harsh criticism from political losers, like misha. Steve, I hope you don’t pay a lick of attention to them. You ran a great campaign and you should be proud of that. Like Misha said, Loretta initially lost and look where she is now.

    In my opinion, Steve is at his prime and will have no problem bouncing back from this little set back.

    Steve, your in a great position to win one of those 2 seats next time. Keep up the hard work and know that you already have support out there in the city.

  22. November 21, 2008 at 9:13 pm

    Well, Steve, so far, you have 5,389 votes. That’s it until the next update on Monday, 5pm.
    Do join the committee boards, Steve.


  23. Misha Houser
    November 22, 2008 at 12:23 am

    OCAEP Member,
    I prefer not to brag on any single race, because winning a race is largely a team effort and the credit goes to the candidate. Anyone who tells you different and takes all the credit for themselves is either an amazing guru, or is full of it.

    I get the impression by the way you asked the question that you either don’t know me, or you’re itching to bash me for whatever reason or axe you may have to grind…especially since OCAEP’s current president knows me well enough to call me on the phone or zip me an email if she really wanted to know…

    Be that as it may, if you’re interested in talking seriously about my successes AND misses directly, I’ll be happy to share my portfolio with you.

    Also, I’ve worked on a variety of aspects on many campaigns for candidates, PACs, and organizations including design of printed literature (I’m a union artist), public relations, printing and distribution, communications, strategy, field, debate prep, data analysis, event coordination, research, “managing, etc…

  24. OCAEP Member
    November 24, 2008 at 5:08 pm

    I apologoze for a typo. I meant to ask that question of both you and OCNative. I mistakenly did not include OCNatives name in the question.

    But I wanted to ask you two of which campigns you have worked on in the past because I have been in and around Orange County Politics for about 9 years now and I have never heard of either one of you before. So I was just curious which campaigns you had worked on.

  25. OCNative
    December 1, 2008 at 11:24 pm

    OCAEP Member, I obviously have chosen to be anonymous by using a pseudonym. I do apologize that I will not disclose my actual identity, as I can speak more freely by being anonymous rather than using my name, as occasionally, things I say using this name may displease some of my clients.

    I will note that of course you’ve never heard of “OCNative” running any campaigns since it’s a pseudonym. You would likely have heard of me if I’d disclose my actual name (indeed The Liberal OC has actually covered some of my races in this cycle and in previous cycles). This is a catch-22 for me, and I apologize that I will not be able to answer your question. I do understand that you’ll likely be frustrated by my non-response to your question, but I hope you understand my position.

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