Repeal Prop 8 Campaign UPDATE

First off, let’s start with some bad news. It now looks like the California Supreme Court will take its time on the Prop 8 lawsuits. This means we likely won’t immediately know the immediate fate of marriage equality in The Golden State.

However, here’s the good news. Considering that the court has asked Attorney General Jerry Brown to submit papers on taking the case and possibly issuing a stay on enforcing 8 by Monday, this most likely means that the court doesn’t want to dismiss the lawsuits next week. Rather, it seems like they’re taking the case seriously & they want to take their time to hear it.

But obviously, the radical right is already busy trying to demonize the court. They must sense that the court may not be ready to allow our state’s constitution to be defiled by discrimination, so they’re already crying about “the will of the people being overturned”. However, one thing they don’t mention is that the constitution is the SUPREME will of the people & it does NOT allow any simple 50%+1 majority to take away fundamental rights from any minority group.

That’s why it’s crucial that we make our voices heard! We need to speak up and demand that our rights be protected! And no, this is NOT just an issue of LGBT rights or marriage equality. Sure, this is the main issue of Prop 8. However if 8 stands, then it sets a dangerous precedent of simple majorities trampling on minority rights. After all, what would happen if a simple majority decides to “make the Mormon church more transparent to the public”? Or if a simple majority decides to force the Catholic Church to pay additional reparations to all victims of sexual abuse by priests?

Think about it. Discrimination can happen to ANY OF US. And if Prop 8 stands, anyone can be targeted for discrimination next. The state supreme court faced this very issue when they legalized interracial marriage despite initial public opposition to it. Times have changed since, and attitudes on acceptance will continue to change.

That is why we need to make our voices heard and urge the court and the people to reconsider Prop 8. At 10:30 AM tomorrow, protests will convene at:

– Huntington Beach City Hall
2000 Main St (at Yorktown)

– South Coast Plaza
3333 Bear St (at South Coast)
Costa Mesa

– Irvine City Hall
1 Civic Center Plaza (Alton & Harvard)

Please get up, get out, and get active! It’s NOT too late to undo the damage of the H8. Let’s tell the court to stand for equality and ask the people to join us in this struggle.

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  1. November 14, 2008 at 12:11 pm

    Andrew! Change “penultimate” to “ultimate” then erase this message.

  2. November 14, 2008 at 2:19 pm

    I never understood why people would vote for this hateful measure.
    You can believe in God, your version of God that condemns gays, but still…you can believe in God. You can teach kids not to knock on the doors of homosexuals during Halloween, not to let boys play with dolls, and not to allow girls anywhere near Tonka Truck toys, because that’s how we raise angry lesbians. You can even tell you kids that you will disown them if they “turn” gay. You can attend any church you want and you can vote on your favorite stance on abortion, but you cannot put a civil rights measure on the bill. Who can justify this? I am sickened that even those who support a marriage between a man and a woman would allow anyone else to not experience the same love they have. To those that say domestic partnerships have the same rights as married couples, I wish they knew how ignorant they looked. Really I only wish that. But enough about this rant, I just found this website and I love it. I love that there are other open minded people in Orange County and I don’t have to consider leaving this place. I’m glad there are others who step up and take a stance, I’m glad there are those who see through the conservative BS too.

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