Corruption in Congressman Gary Miller’s Office, again…

160px-GaryMillerThis is just not a good year for republicon elected officials. Our very own, Congressman Gary Millar has once again been caught with his hand in the cookie jar of corruption. Jwilkes from The Real Right broke the story yesterday, apparently Congressman Miller paid his “bigger development construction company” a series of 5 payments which equaled $47,360. All this came from his re-election campaign, and when this is taken into perspective, it  amounts to his largest campaign expenditure, 22% of the $218,368 that he raised.

What could a construction company possibly have to offer Congressman Miller’s re-election campaign? Perhaps he knew his corrupt ways would catch up with him, and he wanted to build himself his future prison cell?

This isn’t the first time this crook has been caught deviating from proper ethical conduct, in fact he rents his own congressional office to himself. In case you were wondering, he pays himself $25,000 a year (of taxpayer money) for that office.

If you’d like to read the original story, here’s the link


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  1. 42nd Undecided
    November 12, 2008 at 9:59 pm

    By law you have to reimburse the campaign. Look at others in the area and see what they pay. These types of smear campaigns do not work. Case in point Ed Chau! Let’s focus on the issues this time!

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