NO ON 8… A Little too Late

You know we all saw it. We all noticed it; the Yes on 8ers had more energy, more determination, and more campaign signs… a lot more. At every intersection that a small rally was held, there was always significantly more Yes on 8ers then there were No on 8ers. It was very unfortunate that The Yes on 8 crowd kept the minds of Californians rapt with attention on their constant lies and propaganda.

Regardless of everything that took place, I believe that all of that was to be expected from this bunch. I mean seriously now folks, when don’t they pull those shenanigans? What did surprise me was the complete lack of response to all of these actions. Why are most of the No on 8 rallies taking place after the election? Why weren’t these people, these crusaders for civil rights, organized before the election?

Where was the Democratic Party? Where was Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton? I was thoroughly disappointed in the handling of the NO on 8 campaign and I feel it was indicative of the problems that plague the Democratic Party, lack of spine and organization. Perhaps next time we could organize an organized, decentralized campaign like the Yes crowd did.

Surely we are on our way to treating our fellow Gay Americans equally, it will only be another election or two before we prevail, and then to take the fight to the rest of the Union. But it should have been now, and it should have been here.

On Sunday I participated in a No on 8 protest that started at La Palma Park and made its way to the entrance of Disneyland. I didn’t know about it ahead of time, I was just going to go hang out with friends and we changed our plans and rallied against 8. The protesters were constantly surrounded by at least 5 police vehicles. However, as afforded by the US Constitution we were allowed to peacefully gather and protest. It was a personally gratifying for me that the protest made its way to the gates of Disney. Seeing as how the mouse donated $100,000 to the California Republican Party, which in turn, supported prop hate.


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  1. duplojohn
    November 11, 2008 at 5:09 pm



    I am beginning to sound like a broken record.

    But, the truth be told, NO ON 8 lost, they did’nt fail to win.

    NO ON 8 was poorly run. There was a complacency surrounding the campaign. It was terribly organized.

    NO ON 8 was run by a “Micro Biologist and a guy with an MBA in teaching?

    The complete failure to engage in any media battle, the ridiculous practice of dispatching volenteers in West Hollywood, SF and Oakland?? What about Irvine, San Diego, Solano County and Sacramento where it might have made a difference.

    The utter failure to craft a message.

    Simply put, these guys blew 20 Million bucks.

    Where was the governor two weeks ago, what about Elton John, Gray Davis, Bill and Hillary Clinton (as noted)?

    Why not put Brangialina and Steven Speilberg up front?

    We lost more than they won. I embarrassed pissed, disapointed and feel like we just WASTED millions of dollars on what was an easy pick.


  2. malak
    November 11, 2008 at 5:59 pm

    It wasn’t just badly run, but look at what they had to face.
    They tricked thousands of people with the oldest trick in the book.
    “Save the children”
    A more serious effort to combat this and get the facts out would have probably turned some minds.
    Honestly, we cant teach biology in schools with out some one going to court because Jesus created dinosaurs.

  3. Jennifer
    November 11, 2008 at 11:42 pm

    Amazingly said Steve. I agree with you whole heartly. Where were the No on 8 people before the election? Thats great that they are rallying now and all. But they are a little late. But well said Steve. Very well said indeed.

  4. Terrible
    November 12, 2008 at 5:41 am

    I can tell you exactly why you are seeing more No on 8 rallies now than you did before the election.

    1) A lot of No on 8 folks were out of state working for Obama in Nevada and elsewhere. When are we going to learn to stay in Orange County and deal with our own issues?

    2) Even those No on 8 people who stayed in OC were busy with other elections. Now there’s plenty of time to focus on one issue.

    3) Signs and rallies don’t win elections because people don’t decide how to vote based on the signs and rallies they see. Before the election a lot of No on 8 people were making phone calls against 8, a far more effective use of their time.

    4) Now, after the election, signs and rallies DO have some effectiveness because they get press attention and focus people on where they can go from this point.

  5. Homewrecker
    November 12, 2008 at 12:35 pm

    Based on my own experience I would chalk up the passing of Prop 8 to four factors:

    1) No on 8 ran a lousy campaign. If the presidency of George W. Bush taught us anything, it is that a lie repeated over an over to scare the electorate will eventually work;

    2) This was to be a Democratic year; thus a lot of us assumed that the young people coming out to vote for Obama would vote no on 8 and overwhelm the fundamentalist/nervous suburban parent vote;

    3) The right to same-sex marriage had already been granted by the court; thus a lot of us assumed that voters would be reluctant to take away a right that had already been granted;

    4) California has large gay population and is one of the most gay-friendly states and most prominent politicians and newspapers came out against it; thus a lot of us assumed that voters in general would not approve it.

    btw, duplojohn, I am pleased to report that Irvine was one of only three OC cities where 8 failed, the other two being Aliso Viejo and Costa Mesa.

    And I am also pleased to report that today, the LA County Board of Supervisors passed a motion to join the lawsuit brought by Santa Clara County and the City and County of San Francisco to overturn Prop 8. This is a very big deal.

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