Ballot Count: Garden Grove, Westminster, CA 44th

Here are the latest updates from the post election day counting of ballots.

The Orange County Registrar of Voters has posted its update for today tabulating the late vote-by-mail ballots. There are still Provisional and paper ballots from election day that still need to be tabulated. But here is where things are in the close city council races in Garden Grove and Westminster.

In Garden Grove, Andrew Do is still ahead of  Robin Marcario to lead by 991 votes. Do was leading on yesterday by 1005 votes.

In Westminster, Penny Loomer is still barely holding on to her lead over Truong Diep. She is up by only 246 votes. Yesterday that number was 392 votes.

Here is the link to the Secretary of State’s results for the 44th Congressional contest between Republican Incumbent Ken Calvert and Democrat Bill Hedrick. They still have not updated their figures at the SOS so we’ve compiled the results from Riverside and Orange County. As of Mondays’s count, Calvert was leading by 8,015 votes. The latest updates increased Calvert’s lead by 1,2191 more votes to 9,306. Definitely not looking great for Hedrick at the moment.