CA-44: Make Sure Your Vote Is Counted!

You know, everyone, Gila is right. CA-44 is still too close to call. Ken Calvert currently leads by less than 5,000 votes with many more thousands of votes still to be counted and a possible recount happening after the final count. So on this note, I give you this update from Lori Vandermeir of the Bill Hedrick campaign.

Opponent: 16-yr incumbent Republican Ken Calvert
Current status: Hedrick 48.6% vs. Calvert 51.4
Difference: -2.8% (about 4900 votes)

According to the Riverside County Registrar (80% of our district is in Riverside County – the other 20% is in OC), there are an estimated 150,000 VBM and 47,000 provisional ballots (county wide) that still need to be counted. Based on current registration, our district could account for one third (65,000) of that which means we have a heck of a chance to still pull this off. There are also lots of provisional ballots in OC that still need to be counted.

They will be opening the ballots tomorrow and counting them on Friday. We already know that Calvert will have lawyers there to challenge ballots (we also got a call from the press that seems to confirm this) and we are gathering our team of lawyers as well.

With each new update, we have been gaining ground, so this is a real crucial time for us.

So what can we do now? Well, we can start by ensuring that EVERY VOTE COUNTS! If you live in Coto de Caza, Las Flores, Ladera Ranch, the east side of San Juan Capistrano, or San Clemente, you’re in CA-44 and the Democrat you voted for was Bill Hedrick… Unless you turned in your vote by mail ballot on election day or you voted on a provisional ballot. If either of these happened, let me warn you that the Republicans may try to challenge your ballot to toss it out! So please, PLEASE, call the Registrar of Voters at (714) 567-7600 and demand that your vote be counted!

And if you have friends and/or family in Riverside County (especially Corona, Norco, or Riverside), tell them to call 1(800) 773-8683 and demand that the Riverside County Registrar of Voters count their votes! Whether or not Bill Hedrick wins this Congressional seat, it’s important that all legitimate votes be counted. So please don’t be silent! Speak up now & make sure that your vote is counted!