Does a Backer of Shea’s & Choi’s No on R in Irvine Have a Shady Business Past?

Matt Coker at OC Weekly offers this follow up to an earlier post on the financial backers behind the No on R effort in Irvine backed by Christina Shea and Steven Choi.  One of them, Enterprise Co. of Santa Ana, gave $4,000 to the measure.  I wonder what’s in it for them?

Matt writes: 

Enterprise Co., which was incorporated in 1969 under the ownership of Orval and Albert Gould, has a solid reputation nationally when it comes to the design, engineering and manufacturing of equipment and systems for the solid waste, scrap processing and resource recovery industries. According to the company’s blurb on “Enterprise Company turns your visions into reality.”

But Enterprise helped turn the visions of Marion County, Florida, into a nightmare in the 1980s, when Orval Gould was in the middle of a fraud scheme that also involved Italian mobsters and Orange County’s adopted son, John Wayne.

Go to the Naval Gazing blog and read the whole thing.

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  1. November 2, 2008 at 10:56 pm

    keep up the good fight for the Great Park Team!

    I made a blog to counter the lies, propaganda, and hate spewed forth by the Irvine Tattler, The OC Register and other assorted pro-airport thugs against the Great Park.

    I also have emailed hundreds of anti-airport activists and Great Park supporters to volunteer and help the Great Park Team. I hope we are victorious on election day.

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