The Emperor, the Jester, and the Snake Oil Salesman

Just a quick follow up on the Tom Flanigan appointment to the Orange County Employee’s Retirement System (OCERS) Board by Emperor John Moorlach. It seems the District Attorney has received and is reviewing a complaint regarding a confidential meeting that Moorlach, his Jester Mainero, had with Tom Flanigan and Sean McShea, President of Ryan Labs Inc. held with senior managers with OCERS, in the Emperor Moorlach’s chambers.

Emperor Chicken Little MoorlachNorberto Santana over at Total Buzz has been digging into the facts of the case despite Moorlach’s claim that Santana is gullible. As Norberto will tell you gullible people who do get duped, usually walk away empty handed. Santana is far from gullible and appears to be on to something far more interesting than an investment meeting. The meeting appears to be the setting where Moorlach offered Flanigan the opportunity to help his friend Sean McShea, by accepting Moorlach’s gift of an appointment to the Retirement Board where he could help direct business to his friends company Ryan Labs, Inc. 

His so-called gullible hunch has led to revelation Monday that the District Attorney is investigating claims of immproper conduct.

“We have received a complaint and we’re reviewing it to see if an investigation is needed,” said DA Spokewoman Farrah Emami.

Emami told me their office got a copy of a complaint letter on Oct. 15 that was also sent to County Supervisor John Moorlach.

There are four other members of the Orange County Board of Supervisios who need to be called and asked to stop the screwing around with County pension funds. They need to take charge of the Games Moorlach and Mainero still seem to play. With all of the outstanding concerns outthere, what’s the problem with kicking back a few weeks until the DA’s investigation is complerte.

Moorlach can go back to being a figurehead, the Ryan Labs and continue to push their failed economic theories, and little mario the jester can sit in his corner and play jacks or something,

Call the Board and tell them to vote no or to vote to delay consideration of Thomas Flanigan for the OCERS Retirement Board.

Supervisor Nguyen: 714-834-3110
Supervisor Campbell 714-213-3330
Suoervisor Pat Bates 714-834-3550
Supervisor Moorlach 714-834-3440