Supes decides to NOT look at leaving OCERS

The Board of Supervisors today considered a request from United Employee Organizations of Orange County (UEOOC), representing employee participants in the Orange County Employee’s Retirement System (OCERS), for the County to study the feasibility of leaving OCERS and transfering the county workers over to the California Public Employee’s Retirement System (CalPERS). The request stems from the dramatic and unexpected spiking of employee and county contribution rates.

The increased costs are the direct result of Board of Supes Chairman Moorlach and his puppets on the Retirement board plan to artificially inflate liability assumptions and contribution costs to inflame public opinion against public employees and their reasonable pension benefits.

This matter came up in 2006 and was rejected after study that indicated such a change would not be beneficial to workers or taxpayers. However, with the recent changes in assumptions by OCERS, that may no longer be the case. The employee representatives have asked for a study to see if the benefit of such a change has moved into a different direction.

The CEO’s office recommended against conducting a review. The Board sided with the CEO. Moorlach, Campbell, and Bates opposed the study. Although Bates expressed an interest in looking maybe a year from now. Supervisor Nguyen suggested that the time involved in such a study would make it prudent to move to start sooner than later. Ultimitely, since there was not enough support there was no motion and no vote.