Ruiz loses one opponent

Armando RuizOne of the two challengers to Coast Community College 3rd District Trustee Armando Ruiz dropped out of the race this weekend, leaving Lorraine Prinsky as the only active challenger. H/T to Frank Mickadeit at the Orange County Register who broke this story in his column for Monday’s print edition and is already up online. I wrote about Ruiz previously regarding his decision to travel to New York City for a needless and expensive conference the weekend before election day.

Here is a portion of what Frank had to say…

The potential spoiler in the Coast Community College board race involving public-pension hog Armando Ruiz decided over the weekend to abandon his own humble ambitions for the greater good. Don “Coach” Apodaca told me that based on my recent columns, he’s ending his campaign and supporting Ruiz’s main challenger, Lorraine Prinsky.

Apodaca said it confirmed a few things: One, as he e-mailed me Sunday: that Prinsky is “an honest, hardworking, dedicated lady who does have the temperament and background to straighten out this mess and return our local colleges to the level they once were as the crown jewels of our local communities.”

So Apodaca says he will do what he can to help Prinsky. What that is and how Prinsky hopes to capitalize I will update you on in coming days. But this morning, let’s muse for a moment about the civic mindedness of Coach Apodaca and hope he continues to help our youth.

So from what I understand, those voting in the Coast Community College District election should vote for Patterson, Prinsky, and Pirch.

  2 comments for “Ruiz loses one opponent

  1. Flicka
    October 20, 2008 at 8:47 pm

    Please let this crook lose!

  2. Mel
    October 26, 2008 at 9:16 am

    I found your cite while googling names on my absentee ballot. (I am trying to be an informed voter!) Thanks to your cite I am not voting for Ruiz. Maybe you can make a suggested ballot for liberals in OC who don’t have time to follow everything.


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