What’s up with Flanigan?

Norberto Santana, of the OC Register’s Total Buzz, has an interesting follow-up to his story yesterday, which we covered here, about Board of Supervisor’s Chairman Moorlach’s plan to appoint the ousted former Chief Investment Officer from the Orange County Employee’s Retirement System (OCERS) to that Board.

Seems that the questions about Flanigans involvement with a company that pitched business to the Retirement Board, in a meeting held in Moorlach’s office and with Flanigan participating in the pitch, just won’t go away.

Now, according to Santana, Orange County Employee’s Association General Manager Nick Berardino, a vocal critic of Flanigan’s appointment to the Retirement Board, is being quiet when it come to his thoughts on what will happen between now and Tuesday’s Supes. meeting.

Santana quotes Berardino; “I’ve been instructed not to discuss who is reviewing the situation by those involved in reviewing this matter.” Berardino added, “I am unable to confirm whether it’s a law enforcement agency at this time. I’ve been instructed not to discuss that.”

Fascinating. We’re wondering if we’ll ever really know the depth of what Moorlach is up to, or for that matter, what back room deals he has made?