Three Weeks to Go

As Chris Prevatt will tell you, I’ve been obsessing over daily poll results for weeks now.  And while my own personal tally shows Senator Barack Obama geting 370 electoral college votes and the presidency, I do not want to let up.  I made my largest contribution of the political season to the Obama/Biden ticket yesterday.  We can’t take any state or any race for granted.

I confess to an almost perverse sense of satisfaction with the teeth gnashing on the right.  Conservative pundits nationally and here in the OC writing columns with advice for John McCain or orders for conservative voters.

At Red County, our friend Matt Cunningham wrote in this post:

“An Obama victory, taken together with a Democratic Congress, will embark the United States into a Great Leap Leftward that will be very difficult for any future Republican White House or Congress to undo.

I care deeply about restoring the Republican Party as the party of limited government, free enterprise, lower taxes and a strong national defense. And for me, the choice is easy and unhesitating: John McCain. For all his flaws, it’s John McCain in a heartbeat.”

I could remind Matt that no Republican president (or governor for that matter) has ever held the GOIP ideals.  And for Matt to fear a leftwing government difficult to undo Democratic damage, well, he should worry because we have a lot of work to do to clean up the mess left behind by conservative Republicans. 

But increasingly, more conservative pundits are pointing to a landslide for Senator Obama.


With this landslide coming, I worry about the downticket races. is calling the Senate 59-41 in favor of the Democrats with Republican senators Ted Stevens, Norm Coleman and Elizabeth Dole all losing their seats.  Of course, the reality is the Senate would be 58-42 because Senator Joe Lieberman is anything but a Democrat.

In California, where conservatives can only hope to gain victories in House and state/local elections, I’m praying for Debbie Cook to unseat Dana Rohrabacker and Ed Chau to knock off Gary Miller.  I want Gary Pritchard to knock off Mimi Walters for the State Senate and I want my Irvine city council majority re-elected with the addition of Todd Gallinger to the council.  I want Prop 8 to fail overwhelmingly.

Make no mistake, we have a lot of work to do.  We cannot be lulled into a false sense of victory and we need to get the vote out from the top of the ticket to the last race.