Andrew’s Endorsements: Part 1

OK, it’s time for us to talk. We only have three weeks until election day. It’s decision time now. I should know, as I’ve already mailed in my ballot!

But in case you haven’t yet filled out your ballot, here are some suggestions if you’re stumped. No, this does NOT represent the official position of or the Democratic Party of Orange County. These are just my opinions, and feel free to do with them as you choose.

Today, I’ll go over federal races and statewide initiatives. Tomorrow, I’ll cover state legislature races and local level races. Sound good? Then let’s begin!

Federal Races-

President: Barack Obama

Why? Simply put, EIGHT IS ENOUGH! Our country can’t afford another four years of Bush, so Obama’s the choice for real change that helps real working people.

Congress, 40th District: Christina Avalos

Why? What does Ed Royce do for North OC?

Congress, 42nd District: Ed Chau

Why? He has experience helping people as a school board member and an attorney. Gary Miller just has experience abusing his power to help himself and his developer buddies. Now who sounds better?

Congress, 44th District: Bill Hedrick

Why? See above. Bill Hedrick works to help kids in the Corona school district. Ken Calvert has only worked to help his big developer buddies. Now who sounds better to you?

Congress, 46th District: Debbie Cook

Why? Debbie Cook has a long record of accomplishments. She’s saved Bolsa Chica, fought against wasteful spending, and worked to improve the quality of life in Surf City USA. And Dana Rohrabacher? He thinks he’s done a lot because he “protected us against the threat of asteroids”. The choice here is obvious.

Congress, 47th District: Loretta Sanchez

Why? Loretta has delivered real results for Central OC. She always puts our working families first. ‘Nuff said. 😉

Congress, 48th District: Steve Young

Why? He’s a good person who does a great job fighting for working people. And John Campbell? He thinks veterans commit fraud and Baghdad is safer than Washington, DC. Need I say more?

Statewide Initiatives-

Prop 1A: Yes

Why? We need real transit solutions. We need an alternative to high gas prices and slow freeways. We need to solve the climate crisis by reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The high speed rail network proposed by Prop 1A does all of that, too.

Prop 2: Yes

Why? Animals are people, too. We don’t abuse our pets at home. So why should we allow the abuse of farm animals?

Prop 3: Yes

Why? Kids are people, too. Let’s make sure children’s hospitals are up to par.

Prop 4: NO!!!!

Why? Why should teen safety be threatened? Why should our courts be bombarded with decisions that should be made by medical experts? It’s failed before, so let’s reject this once more so that the radical right does not chip away women’s reproductive rights any more.

Prop 5: No position

Prop 6: No position

Prop 7: No position

Prop 8: NO!!!!

Why? Love is love is love. Why should the government tell us who we may and may not love? Why should the government tell us who we can and can not marry?

Prop 9: No position

Prop 10: Yes

Why? We need to get serious about our energy future. We have a energy problem to fix and a climate crisis to solve.

Prop 11: No position

Prop 12: Yes

Why? Our veterans served us, so let’s help them.

OK, I hope that helped. Stay tuned tomorrow as I discuss local races! 🙂

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  1. Flicka
    October 14, 2008 at 6:28 pm

    Andrew. Why do you not have positions for the other propositions? Are they not important?

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