Bricks Through the Window…

Is this for real? Seriously?! I guess so.

The Democratic Party office in Denver was attacked last night. Someone threw bricks through the glass door and the window. Fortunately no one was in the office when the attack occurred, so no one was injured. Still, this makes me scratch my head.

It feels so bizarrely creepy that I was wondering if violence would break out before this news broke. What’s going on? When did American politics become violent? And why are John McCain and Sarah
Palin resorting to the ugly campaign tactics that are provoking such violence?

If this is what the Republican Party is becoming, then I’m truly afraid for the future of this country. Whatever sane people are left in the GOP need to speak up and speak up soon. No matter which candidate we are supporting, we all should be able to disagree without resorting to violence. It’s time the Republican Party leaders remind McCain & Palin what the real world consequences are of going beyond regular politics and resorting to primal hatred and fear.

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  1. Wade
    October 10, 2008 at 8:02 pm

    So much for the party of law and order.

    This campaign has gotten ugly; and you will notice that most of the people spouting off are white and older. What is it with these people? They are so full of hate. They complain of the “filter” as if most voting Americans in this Internet age have no access to a computer (hello; visit your local library); and they act as if it is some damn mystery that banks and investment house and consumers gambled away their holdings when the party they vote into office over and over talks about family values but is really about powermongering, corporatism, and consumerism.

    They are afraid, but they have no one to blame but themselves for allowing themselves to be treated as lemmings.

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