The Debate Last Night: Obama won again

Election Night keeps looking better and better; its stilll going to come down to a massive GOTV effort by Democrats, especially for those down ticket races and ballot questions.

The second debate was much like the first debate in that voters felt Obama won.  According to a CBS poll of 516 uncommitted voters showed that 40% thought that Obama won with only 26% saying the night belonged to McCain.

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When asked about the economy and economic issues, voters before the debate gave Obama the edge by a 55% and that number jumped to 68% after the debate. McCain also improved here going from 41% to 48%, but he’s still 20 points behind Obama on this issue. When asked whcih candidate best understands the voters needs, Obama scored in at 80% to McCain’s 44 percent.

CNN’s ppost debate poll also came out for Obama with a 54 percent to 30 percent margin over McCain.  When asked which candidate was smarter, the voters said Obama had the edge by 57% to 25% . Obama also scored twice as high as McCain based on how they expressed their views more clearly 60% to 30%.