Remember The Keating Five?

You should. We all should. Why?

Well, how can we tell John McCain has learned his lessons from then? He said he was sorry for doing wealthy financier Charles Keating’s bidding in deregulating the savings & loans banks so he can make more millions. But what has McCain done since then to right his wrongs?

Make Phil “Stop Having a Mental Recession Over My Deregulation Schemes, You Nation of Whiners!” Gramm his chief economic adviser and likely his Treasury Secretary if he’s elected President? Allow Carly “Got a Golden Parachute Despite Driving HP to the Ground” Fiorina to lie about his record all over the country? Employ corporate lobbyist Rick Davis as his campaign manager? Fill his entire campaign with corporate lobbyists?

How is today’s John McCain any different from the John McCain of twenty years ago? And really, how is today’s John McCain any different from George W. Bush? They all put the wants of their super-rich buddies over the needs of working families. They all screw over the middle class to satisfy their corporate lobbyists acting as liaisons between them and the big Wall Street fat cats.

How can we trust John McCain with our tax dollars? In these hard economic times, we can’t afford any more failed & corrupt Republican economic royalism. John McCain has failed us before. Do we really expect him NOT to fail us again?

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  1. Lefty
    October 6, 2008 at 1:51 pm

    McCain & his cohorts have TRASHED the average American with his positions on pro-Wall Street, anti-USA family- legislation like Gramm/Leach, NAFTA & PNTR (unfortunatly, in fairness- Biden & W. Clinton as well).

    McCain’s temperment, biases & judgement (as proven by his poor legislative record – when he even bothers to vote) are not conducive to representing the interests of the MAJORITY of USA families.

    I’m still predicting an Obama landslide . . . . & with more confidence than ever.

  2. r turned d
    October 6, 2008 at 2:28 pm

    Im a lifelong purebred arizona goldwater republican turned democrat this year because of McCain’s bid. not only do i remember well the keating five, but i also remember well McCain’s good buddy, godfather to one of his genetic kids, etc the infamous DUKE TULLEY who clained to be a vietnam vet fighter pilot like McCain. He was a powerful newspaper publisher in AZ and was forced to resign when the lies about his fighter pilot vietnam service stuff surfaced. He wasn’t either of those, but before his lies were known, he and keating helped launch McCain in AZ politics. Maybe Sarah really doesn\’t want to go the \”guilt by association\” route – especially with her anti-US husband wanted Alaska to succeed from the union and hung out with a guy that burned the US flag

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