Thoughts on the Last Debate and the Next One

I read over Matt Cunningham’s analysis at his Guns and Rosaries site, and Matt references some of the missed opportunities by McCain.  I have the same perspective about some of Obama’s missed opportunities (reminding Senator McCain that he voted for the Bears DNA study for example).

But Matt seems to take issue with Obama’s comments regarding America’s standing in the world.  It’s frankly spot on and something I experienced first hand on my last trip to the UK.  So restoring America’s luster in the world is something the next president of the US is going to have to do whether Republicans like it or not.

Other observations:

  • McCain still seems proud of his selection of Sarah Palin while even prominent conservatives cast doubt on her qualifications.
  • McCain’s habit of NOT looking at Obama but simply answering the question at hand got really annoying at times.  Its a debate not a Q&A.
  • McCain seemed to go over his allotted time several times and a stronger moderator should do a better job on reigning that in.
  • Obama = Flag Pin.  McCain = no Flag Pin.
  • Foreign Policy is supposed to be McCain’s strong suit, yet the vast majority of pundits gave Obama the nod for winning the debate.
  • Obama needs to hit McCain over the head on flip-flops.
  • Obama needs to get McCain to look him in the eye/
  • I’m still praying for a massive McCain eruption; I want the nation to see McCain’s temper.
  • The whole “suspend my campaign that’s really not suspended to led the charge to solve the financial meltdown crisis only to go back on everything I said I would or wouldn’t do and see the while thing go down in flames today anyway” is a massive fail on the part of the McCain camp.
  • Will someone tell Peggy Noonan that nobody is buying what she’s selling.
  • Sarah Palin’s interview with Katie Couric makes her interview with Charles Gibson look brilliant.  But I’ll get back to ya on that.
  • How many times can Palin take the same position as Obama before McCain erupts.
  • Joe Biden doesn’t need to attack Palin.  All he has to do is let her answer her own questions and ask for a single concrete example, and watch Palin hang herself with her own words.
  • Anyone photoshopping Palin’s head on nude models or bikini shots should send the images to Alan Bock over at the Register immediately; he has an unbelievable crush going on.
  • The fact that Sean Hannity is angrier than I’ve even seen him on the air tells me what I need to know; Obama will win.
  • ; read it and weep.

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  1. Lefty
    September 30, 2008 at 12:39 pm

    Republican primary selection process flawed = poor candidate.

    Obama landslide predicted.

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