Bailout Triggers Bad Keating 5 Memories of McCain

Marty Wisckoll has a great post on victims of the Keating/Lincoln Savings & Loan scandal still somewhat bitter at Senator John McCain’s role in the collapse of this S&L years ago.

So before Matt Cunningham bites off my head, its fair to note that McCain had less of a role than other Democratic senators during the scandal.  The only difference is, they are all retired and McCain is running for President. And Republicans can pin this one on Bill Clinton.

Marty writes:

The GOP presidential nominee has long escaped the shadow of his Keating Five association, and has built a reputation as a foe of corporate influence on Capitol Hill. The McCain-Feingold act was an effort to stem that influence.

But mention of McCain can still bring a bitter taste to the mouth of those involved with Lincoln Savings & Loan. While Kane is a Democrat, their feeling extends beyond party lines.

Placentia’s David Eagle has always voted Republican in presidential elections. The 62-year-old expects to do so again in November, but not without misgivings.

“It will be with a heavy heart,” said Eagle, who had worked at Lincoln for 18 years when it went under. His parents were among those who lost money there. “I’ve battled with it. There was a while when I didn’t know if I was going to vote at all.”

Eagle readily admits that his dislike for McCain is a personal issue arising from the Lincoln collapse, and doesn’t link that to McCain’s ability to address current economic woes. And the hard feelings aren’t enough to make him vote for Barack Obama.