What are McCain/Palin afraid of?

One of Senator McCain’s aides was quoted saying this campaign was not about the issues.  Now McCain won’t show up to a scheduled debate this Friday in Mississippi and the campaign is also seeking to postpone the VP debate with Gov. Palin and Senator Joe Biden.

The truth is, they don’t want to debate.  Both of them will be terrible compared to the Democrats.  Its a lame attempt to show how McCain puts County First, but what it really means is pure, unadulterated fear.  John McCain is a terrible debater.  Palin is inexperienced (surprised?).  The Republicans are trying to set expectations so low they can only go up and they’d frankly prefer not to debate at all.

I pity them.

Dana Bash, CNN: I spoke with Senator Lindsey Graham, he is in the McCain campaign, he is negotiation — is trying to negotiate with the Obama campaign and the presidential debate commission. What they are saying, and what he is saying is that they are proposing to instead of having next Thursday the vice presidential debate in St. Louis, to make that the presidential debate and then to delay the VP debate to another time. That is what they are proposing, they understand very well that both the Obama campaign and the debate commission have no intention of delaying Friday’s debate, but both he and a senior advisor that if there is no bailout deal by Friday, McCain has no plan to go to debate.