Is Someone Nervous?

(h/t to Pam’s House Blend)

The Family Research Council, above the signature of their president, Tony Perkins, sent the following letter today. It’s too good not to share with you. My question is, are they nervous; is this their typical MO; or are they totally panicked because their Initiative, Proposition 8, appears to be headed in the same direction as my 401(k)?

California Pastor Warns of Threat to Religious Freedom – FRC national campaign to defend marriage needs your immediate support

If marriage loses, religious liberty is next
September 23, 2008

Dear XXXX,

I want you to hear something a California pastor said to me recently: “If we lose, we go to jail.”

It’s just that simple, says Pastor Jim Garlow-if marriage loses in California, religious liberties everywhere will be next.

Family Research Council has been pouring resources into a national campaign to defend marriage and religious freedom, and . . .

I’m writing today to ask you again to stand with us. We still must raise $600,000 before the close of our fiscal year on September 30.

I know many Americans are feeling the pinch of a tight economy. As you prayerfully consider a gift, rest assured that FRC carefully stewards every dollar you give to the defense of marriage, religious freedom, parental rights, and human life.

The stakes are enormous. We face a national menace to religious liberty:

  • In Boston, a Christian adoption agency was shut down for refusing to place orphans with homosexual couples.
  • In New Mexico, a Christian-owned studio was fined more than $6,000 for refusing to photograph a lesbian commitment ceremony.
  • In San Francisco, the city council officially condemned Christian opposition to homosexual adoption as hateful and discriminatory rhetoric.

By God’s grace and with your help, we can win this fight.

FRC has been protecting marriage during its 25-year history, and we’ve been voicing your values ever since activist judges in Massachusetts and California legalized counterfeit marriage and triggered a national debate.

Your prayers and generosity are enabling FRC to use our national platform to make the forceful case for traditional marriage in the media, in the churches, and at the grassroots.

In less than two months, voters in California, Florida, and Arizona will have the chance to place marriage out of the reach of activists and liberals.

Twenty-six states already have constitutional protections for marriage.

We pray that California, Florida, and Arizona will be added to that list once voters learn the truth about the lies the Left uses to justify counterfeit marriage.

The fight for marriage in the states is our first priority.

But we can’t take our eye off Washington, D.C. politicians. Your support is vital as we stand up to liberals who want to criminalize your religious speech . . . threaten the religious liberties of employers . . . silence conservative and Christian broadcasting . . . raise taxes . . . and impose taxpayer funding of abortion and embryonic stem cell research.

Thank you for sacrificially giving whatever you can at this critical moment for faith, family, and freedom in America.

FRC national campaign to defend marriage needs your immediate support

Standing (Ephesians 6:13),

Tony Perkins

P.S. Please forward this e-mail to a friend.

Family Research Council: 801 G Street N.W. Washington, D.C. 20001
P: 202/393-2100 or 800/225-4008

So here’s what you can do in response: Visit the No on Prop 8 and make a contribution to fight the hateful rhetoric of groups such as the Family Research Council.

Vote No on Prop 8