Playing Politics with Birth Control

Are you Pro-Choice?  Practice Birth Control?  Read this as its another assault on reprodutive choice from the Bush Administration:

Dear Mother Jones reader:

These are serious times for all of us who are pro-choice and pro-women. We need your help, plain and simple.

You see, even before John McCain selected as his running mate the virulently anti-choice Sarah Palin — a woman who doesn’t trust other women to make their own decisions about childbearing — Planned Parenthood Action Fund was already fighting a Bush administration attack on women’s health care and reproductive rights that has put Planned Parenthood and the people it serves in the fight of our lives.

Just three weeks ago, the Bush administration issued a rule that would limit the rights of patients to receive complete and accurate reproductive health information when they visit the doctor. It’s more of the Bush administration’s bad medicine, and we need your help to stop it.

This new rule could allow individual health care providers to redefine abortion to include the most common forms of birth control — and then refuse to provide them. A woman’s ability to manage her own health care is at risk of being compromised by politics and ideology. We have until September 25 to voice our opposition. Please, click here to help Planned Parenthood fight back by sending your comments to the Department of Health and Human Services.

My mother, Ann Richards, the former governor of Texas and a remarkable feminist leader, would have been downright outraged right now. She would have seen this rule as a desperate parting gift from Bush to the extreme anti-choice groups that have his ear — with no regard for the devastating impact on women’s health.

We have a lot of work to do from now until November 4. First up: We have until September 25 to voice our opposition to the Bush administration rule, and the clock is already ticking. Please take a moment right now to add your name to the hundreds of thousands of others who will not stand by and let this happen without a fight.

And then, the presidential election. As I’m sure you know, the stakes in this election just got unbelievably higher. More than ever before, the November 4 election is the most important vote for women’s rights of my generation. And our actions in the next eight weeks — yours, mine, the Planned Parenthood Action Fund’s — have never been more critical. Believe me, I don’t say that lightly. It’s time to get to work — and hard.

Thank you for standing up with us, as always.


Cecile Richards, President
Planned Parenthood Action Fund