Voter Registration: Democrats on the Rise, GOP in decline – even in OC

OC Register reporter Ron Campbell is one of the industry’s best at crunching numbers and providing analysis.

In his story in today’s OC Register, Ron reports more voters are flocking to the Democratic Party while Republicans are in danger of slipping to third, behind DTS.

From the article:

The Register found that the drop in GOP registration was much steeper among people who joined the voter rolls in the last five years and among the young.

• Among current California voters, 37.7 percent of those who registered before 2000 became Republicans. That dropped to 26.6 percent among voters who registered in the past five years – and just 21.9 percent this year.

In Orange County, among current voters, 52.3 percent of those who registered before 2000 were Republicans. That dropped to 39.2 percent in the past five years – and 31.4 percent this year.

Voters under 40 statewide are more likely to choose no party than to register Republican. In Orange County, Republicans barely edge out Democrats and “decline to state” in the 30-and-under crowd: 32.3 percent Republican, 31.9 percent Democrat, 30.1 percent decline to state.