The Silly Season of Politics

BullwinlleWhat ever happened to a discussion about issues in the presidential campaign?  Do we have to wait for the debates?

The McCain camp has said this election is not about issues?  Well, what’s it about really?  BusinessWeek just came out and reported that Barack Obama’s tax plan provides more money in the pocket of the average American than John McCain’s plan.  There’s the huge scandal with the Bush administration and the Oil Industry that broke Wednesday.  Troop deployments in Iraq aren’t moving.  And McCain’s people are keeping Pallin away from any reporter known for asking tough questions — what is she afraid of?

Even Red County is wallowing in faux outrage over celebrity comments and “gaffes” by Obama with no serious debate on the issues itself.  Let’s talk about taxes, healthcare, Iraq, equal rights instead of what topics are or aren’t off limits.

When it comes to the issues, the American people are with the Democrats every time.