Join OCYD in Making Change Happen This Weekend!

There’s some really exciting stuff happening this weekend. Why not take part in it? Here’s what’s going on.

Dear Reader,

If you didn’t watch the Republican National Convention last week then you didn’t miss much. Republicans spent the last eight years screwing things up and are now trying to get credit for acknowledging that things are screwed up. But we’re too smart for that. Our generation knows what’s up. Republicans failed us. Let’s prove our generation’s political power by voting for change. Building a solid bloc of voters is a real way we can steer America in a new direction.

Act For Change this Weekend 

Join us this weekend as we act to support the campaigns of two local candidates. On Saturday we will volunteer for Debbie Cook in her race for the 46th Congressional District.

Volunteers are asked to appear at her campaign office located at 17308 Beach Boulevard, Huntington Beach, CA 92647 at 1:00 PM. For more information please contact the Debbie Cook campaign at 714-842-6358 or at

And we will also help the Ed Chau campaign for the 42nd Congressional District on Sunday. For more information please contact the Ed Chau campaign at 626-300-3805 or at

For more information please visit us online at

Democratically yours,

Chris Roa, Communications Director
Orange County Young Democrats