Steve Young Shares Story, Reaching 48th District Voters Via Cox Video on Demand

Steve YoungIrvine, CA – Congressional candidate Steve Young is telling his personal story about his World War II Veteran father’s struggle for health care via new Cox Video on Demand channel, Elections 2008. Ads directing voters to the two minute story will run on Fox News, CNN, History Channel, ESPN, and Toon Disney.

“My father suffered a stroke.  He was entitled to life time medical care under the GI Bill.  Despite my mother’s position at the VA Hospital before she retired, she could not get him into the VA Hospital until several weeks before his death – because the VA was under funded.  By the time my mother finally got him into a VA facility, my parents’ savings were gone.  On Christmas Eve, my mother received a medical bill for $93,000!” Young recounted to voters recently.

Young’s story highlights the stark difference between his position on the military and its veterans and that of his incumbent opponent, John Campbell, who has voted against every Veterans’ appropriation bill in Congress, including “The New GI Bill,” (which offers enhanced benefits for Iraq and Afghanistan veterans). Only two representatives voted against the bill.

Campbell also voted against the “Homes for Heroes Act, H.R. 3329,” one of only nine who voted against the bill to help low-income veterans find adequate housing during this time of turmoil in our real estate market.

When asked by Ed Garza, Vietnam combat paratrooper, at Tustin’s Peet’s Coffeehouse in February 2007, why he votes to cut veterans’ benefits, Campbell answered, “Because veterans commit fraud.” 

“This is an opportunity for voters to know more about Steve Young and why he is so impassioned about veterans issues,” explained Campaign Director Marion Pack.

Viewers can turn to Cox cable’s Video on Demand channels and search for Elections 2008. The two minute personal story is available for viewing for free.

  2 comments for “Steve Young Shares Story, Reaching 48th District Voters Via Cox Video on Demand

  1. Dan Chmielewski
    September 2, 2008 at 10:05 am

    This is exactly the sort of story Steve should have been telling in his last two congressional races

  2. Misha Houser
    September 2, 2008 at 1:19 pm

    Dan – These votes are recent, and Campbell made the “fraud” comment after the last election.

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