One thing the Dark Lord Finally Gets

I have been reading Mike Schroeder’s blog entries for Total Buz.  While mostly partisan and forgettable, Mike did write something I agree with:

Journalism is a very difficult profession.  Like George Plimton, I was not qualified to do it without a lot of help during my 4-day stint.

Ignoring for a moment what a pathetically slow typist I am, the level of work involved each day in finding and attending two stories and then getting them written up was almost overwhelming, (often not finishing up till between two to three a.m.). 

 As I sat in the massive media tent, next to the main Convention hall, I watched and heard print reporters simultaneously writing stories, calling delegates and office holders on their cell phones, and receiving emails and phone calls from their editors demanding to know when their stories were going to post. 

I will never interact with the media in quite the same way.  Simply based upon guilt alone, I will take their calls whenever I can, and return their calls promptly.  In the rush of things, most journalists were happy if they could cover their assigned event and get at least one quote from each side.

Now if only Jon Fleischman would change his perception that “most reporters are lazy” (direct quote from 2006)

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  1. Michael Schroeder
    September 8, 2008 at 11:41 am

    Alabama Governor Haley Barbour, when he was the Chairman of the Republican National Committee once said after a long time critic acknowledged that he had finally gotten something right “even a blind pig can occasionally find an acorn.” Glad I was able to find that acorn..

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